I need help and a have a few questions...

  1. I was fired last week for diversion. I am so ****** at myself and can't believe this has happened.

    The hospital is not pressing charges against me as they know me and my character and work ethic was great while there, until recently.

    I self-reported to my BON and am trying to get into the VRP. They told me that I cannot participate IF I have charges filed against me.

    They also stated that the DEA could file charges. Does anyone know what the likelyhood of this happening is? And how long would it take to find out whether or not charges will be filed?

    Is 2 months going to go by and all of a sudden cops come arrest me at my house?

    I am so screwed and I really need this recovery program to get back on the right track.
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  3. by   southernbeegirl
    If your employer doesnt report you to the DEA, how else would they know about you?

    maybe this is a hurdle you won't have to worry about.

    what about treatment? why not go ahead and admit yourself?

    heck, it works for celebrities! lol
  4. by   sl33y
    My employer isn't pressing charges, but they have to report the diversion to the DEA.

    So, it is up to the DEA to do what they want.

    I really hope they don't because I think this VRP program will save my life......
  5. by   southernbeegirl
    Quote from sl33y
    My employer isn't pressing charges, but they have to report the diversion to the DEA.

    So, it is up to the DEA to do what they want.

    I really hope they don't because I think this VRP program will save my life......
    only YOU can save your life. the program will just allow you to keep your license by monitoring you for the next 3-5 years to make sure you are safe to practice. but you have to do the footwork by going to treatment, getting a sponsor, working a program and learning to live sober. you cant do it alone, surround yourself with positive, recovery oriented activity.

    good luck to you!
  6. by   sl33y
    I understand what you mean...

    I guess I am trying to get some peace by getting info from anyone who has been thru this before.

    My DON said, in her experience, they (DEA) don't tend to press charges. She also said there is no guarantee, so I am pretty worried.

    And, I really do believe that, at this point in my life, the VRP program with all of the drug testing and counseling WILL most definitely save my life.
  7. by   southernbeegirl
    It helped me save mine. I wish you all the luck in the world!
  8. by   sl33y

    Anyone have any similar experience?
  9. by   gregmotz
    I'm struck that sl33y's focus returns back to charges and the DEA regardles the response. It's a valid concern.

    sl33y please visit the Bar Association web site for your State or County of Employment. Search for, or get the Lawyer Refferal Service phone number for, a Criminal Trial Attorney, and a Health Law Attorney. Contact each. Ask a few questions. Put their number in your cell phone or PDA. IF needed, one will be available to get you out of jail. One will help you keep your license.

    It's not overkill to have the numbers handy. It can convey professional appearance in front of a Federal Agent or Sheriff's Deputy for one to to see you are ahead of the game and can contact an attorney right away. Be sure to ask an attorney about what and when or if at all you need to report to your professional liability insurance carrier.
  10. by   myownworstenemy
    I am in your state and have been through the exact same thing. The DEA can and will press charges even though your employer didn't. Start a recovery program, seek out a treatment facility on your own and start treatment, and apply to the VRP now. Even if charges are pressed, this will look better for you later - also depending on the situation, you may be able to be transferred to the DMU in the event of legal charges. Good luck and please keep updating.
  11. by   pair_of_feet
    I was arrested 1 year after I diverted. It sucked. I had no idea my case had been referred to the prosecuting attorney.I got first offender status with a suspended sentence and probation with a fine. Dealing with the BON is bad enough ,but having legal issues only compounds the situation.
  12. by   sl33y
    Well, now I am really worried.

    This is so awful and I fell like just giving up.............
  13. by   sl33y
    Thank you for you response everyone.

    That pretty much confirms to me that I will have to worry for the rest of my life....
  14. by   BEDPAN76
    sl33y HEY Don't give up. Every case is different. Please do yourself a favor and get a lawyer. Many give free consultations. Get the yellow pages and start going down the list. Besides, being actively involved right now will help you feel better. You need to get out of the house and find out as much as you can. Hang in there and remember that we all care and are sending best wishes and prayers!:smilecoffeecup: