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A month ago, I admitted to diverting and was fired from my job. I reported to ISNAP, Indiana's nursing assistance program and began the intake process. I have not received my letter from the attorney general yet, but I spoke with... Read More

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    I agree with the above post. We all wanted to throw the towel in and basically hide at the beginning. I know I did and I tried like all get out to convince myself I didn't want to be a nurse anymore. But deep down, even though I told people I hated nursing, in my heart I knew I was meant to be a nurse. I think you should take one day at a time. The wounds are to fresh to make life changing decisions. Best of luck.
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    OP, I agree with the people who say do not make decisions right now. Personally, after 8 days of having my license, I thought about sending it back because I thought of 5 years without being able to pick up a drink, that would be hard. But, I didn't. I thought about it again around the 1-2 month mark when my Board Order went public. But, I didn't. I even posted a thread on here about giving my license up, but was encouraged not to.

    I have been in HPMP for 8 months and I am glad I did not send my license back. I have not found a job yet, but I am working hard and am at a place where I am stable and believe or not, the happiest I have ever been in my life. I am gaining experiences and meeting people that I would have never have met had I not been in this situation.

    My point is, do not give the license up. After a year or so, if you still feel that way, maybe. After 3-5 years, sure. But, do not make hasty decisions the first year out. You may regret them.
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    Another vote for "don't make major decisions while early in recovery" because you may regret them later. Work on your recovery first--nothing else will fall until place until you do that.

    There are a lot of nurses in recovery who are working...even after going through assistance programs, even with stipulations/restrictions on their license. There's also a lot of nursing jobs out there where you don't go near a narcotic. So if you do want to keep being a nurse, it is possible. It won't be easy, but it is possible.

    But IMO, worry about your career later. Right now, worry about getting your recovery established.

    Best of luck.
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    I think there is a lot of good advice here already; I just wanted to say that you are definitely not alone. And despite how you might feel now, your feelings about many things may change as you go through therapy/treatment. A while back, I was not going to renew my license ... I still feel ambivalent at times. But I was encouraged to keep it up and it's nice to have the option ... there are a lot of career options in which your license could be valuable, but don't necessarily have to be anything similar to the nursing you were doing previously. I attended ISNAP support meetings in the past; it was actually incredibly helpful ... meeting people who look like they "have it all together" but are struggling with similar issues; I don't mean just recovery, either. The support group meetings are good for learning new ways to cope with life and work problems and re-experience some of the (positive) feelings lost through burnout or other issues that get folks into recovery. Occasionally, nobody else showed up for a meeting (usually in winter) and I was always bummed to be the only attendee ... the meetings can really become a positive and something to look forward to!

    No matter what you ultimately choose, I wish you the best in recovery and future!
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    I have been in nursing for a long time and I am getting a little burned out also. Some nurses have started their own nurses registry business. One of my friends went to a website that helps get it started. The cost was pretty good around $200 for the contract & $50 for the Marketing package. She told me that she already started her registry. I can contact her for info if you like. I'm planning to the same thing soon.