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I have been in solid recovery for six months now and recently went back to work. The transition from staying at home with my kids to going back to work has made recovery more difficult on its own...but I am also finding... Read More

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    OMG, I'm recovering from bulemia... In my recovery I have found it easier to not eat than to deal with food drama. Especially while at work. It's so easy to forgot your own needs when you are focused on everyone else's. I've gone through 13 hours at work, peeing 1 time, eating minimally and drinking less than 16 oz of water. I'm not at all proud of this, infact I'm terrified that I'm doing this to my body. My hospital has strict rules about food and drinks at the nurses station making it difficult to leave the floor for any reason. I get 1- 15 minute break a day, and 1 - 30 minute lunch break. Let's face it, that's not enough time to take care of 13 hours of bodily maintenance! I too struggle with not eating/drinking enough while at work. How does anyone deal?????? Please help!!!!

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    What I found that helps takes a lot of guts if you can do it- I know a lot of people with ED get extremely private with it, but what helped me is sabotaging my ED by telling my friends that I have one. They watch out for me, and if I havn't eaten anything they keep me accountable.
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    I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the ICU! It takes great courage to share your struggles with people. I had an ED when I was in high school, and while I recovered for the most part, I still have some days where I struggle with the thoughts and also making sure I exercise regularly.

    I have to make sure I eat 3 meals a day. I am personally too afraid of skipping meals and making my metabolism slow down.

    My instructors have always encouraged us to take our breaks and lunch breaks. I hear it is often easy to go without taking them, but you do need those breaks after running around and being on your feet all day. You would not want your blood sugar going low. When I go without food for a long time, I get impatient and jittery, and that is not good for my patients. I believe I will do myself and my patients a favor when I get the nourishment and energy I need to provide the best care for my patients. When I am impatient, it makes me careless and do stuff quickly - potential to make mistakes. That would be my rationales for making sure I take my lunch break, but that is just me, though.

    I wish you the best! Feel free to PM me anytime.
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    recovering foodie, here :hngon:

    i'm actually starting my first semester of nursing this fall. i'm definitely worried about this pitfall. although, i do forsee it being a problem, as i run to my eating disorder amdist stress, but we should do what we can to side step it (whether it's being more honest with coworkers or taking time off to recover, etc.), eh?

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