HELP! 1st job interview after 4 years...when do I tell them I'm an addict?

  1. Hello Everyone! I have my first job interview after having my license suspended in 2007 and reinstated in 2010. I've been clean and sober for 3+ years and am currently being monitored by the state of MInnesota monitoring program (with the screens, doctors reports, etc.)

    My interview is on Tuesday for a generic med surg position and obviously I want the job. I'm concerned about when is the appropriate time to tell them I'm an addict. I'm not positive if there is one or two interviews but I am thinking there is only one. I have heard conflicting ideas as far as when I tell them. One opinion is that I tell them in the first interview (which scares me), and the other idea I've heard is to tell them AFTER they offer the job, because then you are covered under ADA.

    Any ideas? Thanks so much!
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  3. by   backtowork
    Did the application you filled out have any questions referring to your license? Such as "have you ever been under investigation, received disciplinary actions, etc? The reason I ask is every app I filled out has some sort of question like this?
  4. by   mavdreams
    Thanks for replying!

    They do not ask about constrictions or limited licenses. The only thing they ask is:

    * Have you ever been convicted, pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to a petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony? If yes, please disclose any and all convictions, pleas of guilty or pleas of nolo contendere.

    I have no crimes of any kind, including any diversion related things. I was lucky I guess.
  5. by   backtowork
    I think the best advise I have read here is to feel out the interview as you go though it and if it looks like they are going to hire you, find your spot and explain your monitoring situation with as few details as possible. Please let us know how it goes..I am rooting for you all the way.
  6. by   KelRN215
    Does your state's licensing board list disciplinary action or suspensions? I ask because I know they do in Massachusetts and it's entirely possible (maybe even likely) that they will already know you had a suspended license and are on probation before you even get to the interview. I do not know if it's wise to bring it up before they ask but if you don't bring it up, they may think you're hiding something. I'm not being very helpful- sorry!
  7. by   mavdreams
    Thank you so much!! I guess I'll feel it out and keep my fingers crossed.....
  8. by   backtowork
    Go in with total confidence..they will be lucky to have you..keep that in mind..and either are the winner. Good luck keep ur recovery first.
  9. by   mavdreams
    Thanks for the encouragement! Self confidence is hard to get back when I thought I'd never have my license back let alone have an interview! I will do my best and hopefully I'll have good news soon! Gods will, not my will
  10. by   misty2370
    Did you have your interview yet? I am in the job hunt process too. I intended to wait until the job was offered beforing mentioning the IPN thing, but it always came up right away when they asked why I left my previous job. Good luck!
  11. by   mavdreams
    I had the interview this morning so I dont have any results yet. I did NOT talk about my addiction and suspended license. i will tell them if/when i got the job. As far as the interview and even the application, im lucky becuz it mever came up. If it had come up my plan was to say I left for personal reasons, which isn't really lying, in my opinion at least. when/if they offer the job, I will tell them cuz at that point we are covered by ADA!!! Hopefully it doesn't bite me in the arse. I'm considering it practice at least. I pray all day long. Gods will right? I'm sure you understand how defeating and stressful it is. Self esteem destroyer and scares me that I'll never get another job. Try the personal issues thing. That's what my case manager recommended. It won't hurt I guess. Good luck and let me know how its going! I'll post how the rest of this thing works. I at least have some hope now!
  12. by   backtowork
    Sending prayers your way friend in recovery
    ..keep the faith..