Has anyone obtained employment in the Nursing field with an Misdemeanor assault?

  1. I'm a 23 year old nursing student and I am in Recoery. I hve been in Recovery since April, which is when I got my assault ticket. The assault was due to the fact that I was extremely intoxicated. I bately remember the events of this evening. I also have quite a few alcohol offense that took place in 2009. I have 4 years experience as a CNA and a fairly good work history. I am not a violent person whatsoever, although my record woud show otherwise. I'm currently in Nursing school, and I am scared to death about my chances of gettin licensed, and then getting a job. I haven't been able to get hired as a CNA thus far either. When I tell them about the assault they say that is going to be an issue. Need some experience, strength, and Hope!
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  3. by   bubblejet50
    My classmate had an assault charge and is currently working as a nurse. It is up to your board of nursing and the letter you write to them. I have also worked with a nurse who was on his 3rd dui.
  4. by   Sammy Mendez
    Don't give up! Do the best you can in school regarding grades, and volunteer in class. For instance in my nursing class I was a team captian when we broke into groups for our clinical objectives. As far as your record is concerned, the Board always frowns on an assult charge especially in this buisness. However, if you obtain all the documentation regarding what you have done to correct your history, e.g., Case files, paid fines, probation completion, anything that is documented from counseling services. Keep in mind that when you graduate the Board will ask for all documents after they run a backgroud check, and its your responsibility to provide this information to them, also they may want documentation notarized. I don't know what State your in but you might want to investigate how their credentialing system works. The State will want to know what you have done for yourself. Just paying fines dosen't work. Use your resources appropriately and you will achieve your goal e.g. (work related accomplishments as a CNA, positive evaluations, volunteer work, etc). Don't get discouraged remember this ia all a learning experience, I won't lie to you, it wont be easy. You have to prove yourself to the State. Take it from someone that knows, I am a nurse with 7 years experience, and have a very colorful past to say the least. I currently hold my California nursing license, and I'm currently applying for my Arkansas Licensure. I know how you feel. Remember, do the best for yourself, and you shall to the best for others regardless of the endeaver. Good Luck to you, one last word. If you really have a passion for something, it will come to light.............Peace
  5. by   Pbuchanan
    Thank you for responding. Its nice to hear other peoples experiences. It gives me hope when I feel like I'm doing all of this for nothing. Not everyday is like this. It comes in spurts. Glad I have others who can relate.