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Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there knows how far back they test your hair follicles for the IPN evaluation (initial drug testing), if they even do a hair test at all? I'm not sure if they only... Read More

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    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    Yes, i should have stated, "Only court-ordered urine tests" not "police" urine tests (lousy wording) can be visually witnessed. I've administered employee ordered urine tests, given employee urine tests myself, as an employee,
    and have many a pal who have submitted employee urine tests (not court ordered, but your boss ordering it)
    and only court-ordered urine tests can be visually watched.
    Oh, the employee ordered urine tests, we can stand outside the stall, we can shut off the water, we can drop blue dye in the water, but, we can't watch their urine coming out of their urethra while their pants are down---we have to stay on other side of stall door, but, if it is court ordered, THEY can watch the urine exiting the body.
    Ok, Personally I don't give a dam about whether you think smoking pot is right or wrong. This is not the correct forum to be having that debate.

    Now, I do have a problem with you stating the above that I have quoted. Why is that, because you are wrong. You claim you have all this experience doing this and doing that. Well whatever.

    Urine Drug Screens do NOT have to be court ordered or boss ordered to be witnessed. When I say witnessed I mean "Standing in the room and yes watching the person pee". I know many friend and family who work in all different fields and many of them have to do random drug screens for their employers for many different reasons. A handful of them have asked about "Why was I watched". It's called a Chain of Custody. Watching is the only way it would hold up 100% in the court of law.

    Example: If you were my employer and requested me to pee (for reason) and I did so, but it was not watched or witnessed, you end up firing me because my urine came back with something in it. I end up getting a lawyer and I end up suing you like no tomorrow, why is that? Because your Chain of Custody was broken. Can you or could you honestly say with 100% certainty that it was MY urine? No you can not and guess what, I win the case and now I am rolling in the bucks. So, do not try to tell me it is illegal or only "Court Ordered" for UDS to be witnessed.

    You might have been around the block on many, many other things. But when it comes to keeping a Chain of Custody linked together, I know my stuff.

    You can claim that watching/witnessing a UDS is a total violation of a person's rights. Well it's not. If you want a job then sometimes, you need to deal with what is required of you to keep that job. And normally if you have a job that is going to require random UDS or even scheduled ones, you know this when you apply for the job. It's not like an employer is going to just toss this your direction 5 years after you were hired.

    Anyways, I am done with this.


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    I have participated in 100s of "chain of custody" urine tests, as i worked ER, and most all companies order any employee who is hurt on the job, to submit to a urine test. I have also collected urine screens in the ER, after accidents, while cops are waiting for results,
    and even those, us nurses were on other side of stall door, and had blue dye in the toliet water, and water shut off to sink, too.
    These are most definitly legal urine tests, i sign my name, that that urine came from that person at so&so date and time, and record temp of the urine, etc etc. Much paperwork with it, it's sealed, patient signs that IS his urine, YOU also SIGN that IS your urine, etc etc. Very very "chain of evidence", very much so.

    We never ever have to watch the person with their pants down for those, nor have i ever given a pre-employment drug test, nor an insurance drug test, where i was visually watched, ("heard" maybe, but never watched)
    nor do i know anyone who has. But, like i said, it's possible some are doing it wrong.

    A quick google, to see if maybe things have recently changed, turns up 100s of sites, all of which back up what i am saying,

    that only court ordered urine tests can be visually witnessed. Employer ordered urine tests can not be visually witnessed.

    but, maybe google is wrong, maybe there IS some brand new law now, that employer ordered or even pre-employment urine tests, can now be visually witnessed.
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    This thread has NOTHING to do with UDS and everything to do with hair follicle testing.

    This thread has NOTHING to do with enabling someone to "beat the system".

    This thread has NOTHING to do with the moral compass and civil laws.

    Anyone enabling another and coming here to AN to admit to it, is something we do not endorse. Period.

    Closing this thread.

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