Going into Social Work after Nursing

  1. I am a Social Worker in AL, and I have a friend that was a RN here as well. About 3 years ago she got into some trouble and surrendered her RN, and has been through treatment and all that, but without her having insurance, she can not afford to go through another evaluation to get her back into nursing, and no healthcare insurance.
    So she is taking another route trying to get her Social Worker degree, but will she be able to sit for SW exam with this on her record. I just do not want her to go through with this for nothing. Will they ask or should she even tell about her nursing license?

    She is clean, and has been for awhile, and a great person. I just feel so helpless for her because I know how much she is struggling.
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  3. by   TXRN2
    Jaycin: as far as i know- it will be a problem for anything that requires a license. she should find out for sure before going further with her education.