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finding a job while in IPN and with a criminal b/g. help!

  1. 0 Hey everyone!
    well, i'm now in IPN (FLA) and getting situated. I really like my nursing support group and the facilitator who runs it. everyone made me feel welcomed and for once I don't feel alone in this situation. there was one nurse in the group who has a job and has a past criminal background. that gives me hope! I have a couple of dui's, possession of marijuana, 2 domestic disputes and a shoplift (when I was really young and b4 nursing). I hid my arrests as long as I could and then self-reported to the board. thank God I got a second chance and entered into IPN. they gave me clearance to go back to work without any restrictions. I've never diverted or got a dirty pee test at work.
    my question is:
    Is there anyone that has a similar situation, with a criminal background and in an impaired nursing program and found someone to hire them?

    thanks for any insight!
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