Early Release from TPAPN or EEP? Early Release from TPAPN or EEP? | allnurses

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Early Release from TPAPN or EEP?

  1. 0 Have you ever heard of someone being released early from TPAPN or EEP for "good behavior"? I am thinking about requesting early release at my 6 month mark in EEP (I have a 1 year contact). The worst my case manager can say is "No", right?
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    Callahan- i have never heard of early release from TPAPN- & hadn't even heard of EEP until you popped up here- my common sense says "no"- considering both programs are relatively short- but, like you said- all she can do is say "no"!! keep us posted!!
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    Haha yeah, my chemical dependency evaluator did not even know about EEP, and I found her on the TXBON approved list!

    I will let you know how it goes; I figure it can't hurt to ask!
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    I am actually trying to get EEP. How long did it take to get enrolled?