CNA in recovery with background can't find work...

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    Hey everyone, I'm 26 and live in NC. and i've been certified for almost a year now and have yet to find a job. I'm in recovery from addiction, and back in 2004-2005 i was convicted of 4 misdemeanors, simple possesion of a schedule 4, schedule 6, misrepresentation of a legal rx, and dwi, I was 18 at the time and have been clean for a good while. I was just wandering if anyone with a misdemeanor controlled substance conviction has been able to find work in NC. as a CNA.

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    I don't know your options in NC, so just tell me if you are or are not allowed to do this...but, have you looked at mental health places as a resident assistant/tech? Not all of them, but quite a few mental health/substance abuse facilities will hire people in recovery.

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