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Hello fellow recovering nurses, If you are reading the postings in this group, one might assume you have been in trouble with the board, are about to be in trouble with the board or are dealing with some sort of recovery... Read More

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    How do I get in touch with you Amber24c?

    I'll be emailing you babcrazy.

    Thanks guys for the response

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    Yay! There may be hope for us yet. I'm glad for you that you got a job so quickly after becoming unencumbered!
    I am on probation for 2 more years. Its been 1year since I went to the board and 2yrs since my downfall. Clean time=2yrs!!!
    I was able to get a job at the health dept as a WIC nurse 10 mos ago and I also consider myself lucky as hell! It may have had something to do with my experience of 5yrs as mom baby nurse, NCC in Maternal Newborn Nursing, and IBCLC- lactation consultant. I was completley honest and told them I had learned so much about myself during my recovery and this life lesson impacted me in many ways yada yada. I seriously had a script memorized and it was mostly legit! When I say mostly I may have exaggerated a few things and acted way way more confident than I actually am.
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    I understand your frustrations. It's tough but this is the best time to practice those principles. It will def. get better but you'll have to do a lot prayer and work. The madness did not happen over night so easy does it.I remember being in your shoes; Afraid of the unknown and bills piling up. Understand, no matter how many doors close, you'll only need one "yes!" I'm in NC and I have found job with my restrictions. Right place, right time with the right mind. Bless you.Stick in there
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    If you don't mind me asking what area of nursing did you find a job in?

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