Which state is the fastest and more cheap to have an endorsement?

  1. Hi everyone! Im a filipino nurse stuck up here in the Philippines. I passed my NCLEX last Nov 2006. My visa screen will expire this coming May 2012. Im planning to apply for an endorsement in any state so that I can get an active ID license which I can also use for my future job here in the Philippines. Can someone help me to which state is the fastest to apply for an endorsement before my visa screen will expire? I'm running out of time I hope someone will help me with this. Thanks!
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  3. by   dragon_lady
    You can try Vermont State.
  4. by   FredJr

    thanks for the reply... how long is the processing in order for me to get my license?
  5. by   FredJr
    Addendum...Will I still get a Vermont CES eventhough I already have a visa screen certificate? Although it will expire this coming May 2012. Thanks
  6. by   triangulo
    Hello kabayan. You have no RN License (no card and no license number) so there is nothing to endorse. You just pass the NCLEX exam. You endorse your License number NOT your NCLEX passing score. Passing the NCLEX is not the only requirement for RN license, you have to have SSN also and criminal background check including immigration status. Since it's been more than 2 yrs, your application for license is discontinued. People with RN license (card and license number) have to renew every 2 yrs and you have to take 30 hrs of continuing education before applying for renewal. If you fail to renew, your license is placed as inactive and you cannot work as an RN. The employer will suspend you without pay or terminate you.