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HI GUYS!!! i am going take HAAD RN exam soon..may problem is i don't have any idea what scope and type of question will they give and what review materials will i use to preapare. Al i know is a... Read More

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    Quote from beeann
    hello! i took the exam November 2009 without any idea what to review, which materials to use and which topic to start with....it was frustrating not being able to have any idea about the exam, and so 5 days after registering online, i just went to the testing center and took the exam. i was able to know the result immediately after and praise God i passed. don't get me wrong...the exam is not that easy but it wasn't hard for me as well, that is because i think the right questions for me were the ones that came out.

    i'm not quite sure if you have already taken the HAAD exam, but for the benefit of the others who plan on taking it...i'd like to share to you some of my testing experience: most of the questions are indeed NCLEX type! but what i've noticed is that the questions are mostly about basic nursing knowledge, which includes basic drug computations (including drips such as dopa and dobu). most of the questions were of the assessment and implementation type, like for example the "earliest s/sx for a client with increased ICP would be decreasing LOc or restlessness"...most of the diseases asked were about DM, CVD infarct and bleed, MI and some other common diseases. i suggest that if you plan on taking the exam, try answering NCLEX type of questions using mosby or saunders. practice answering questions and learn the art of intelligent guessing... the exam is not that hard, but then again it is not that easy either. well, i hope you were able to have a slight peak of what the exam is like. God bless!

    Hi..will they approve application to take the exam with 2 years of only VOLUNTEER nursing work?...after passing the HAAD exam what will be the next step then?...thanks so much for sharing your info...im interested to work in the middle east..but have no idea where to start and what to do..im am a 32 yr female nurse from the phils..unfortunately i am not employed as a regular staff nurse..i will appreciate valuable information from you and from others..thanks so much and God bless you all

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    hi. I would like to make sure what should i bring on the day of the exam. Tnx
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    hi! thanks for sharing all your experiences with the HAAD exam. I need help. I have submitted the requirements in HAAD website and my application was noted as accepted. Does that mean that I am eligible to take the exam? Will that be all? What shall I do next? Should I just schedule myself for an exam right away? or will there be other procedures I should take? Please. I need to be informed about these things. I appreciate all your kindness. God Bless Nurses!
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    Hi, my wife gave HAAD RN exam through pearson vue in bangalore and couldnt pass on first attempt as she was saying questions are little tricky though they look easy. secondly i wana check how many answers should be correct out of 150 to get pass in this exam and which books can be referred for practise? Your replies are highly appreciated. Thaks.
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    Quote from King_James
    I passed HAAD last January 28, 2010.. If I compare HAAD and NCLEX, NCLEX is much harder.. The questions in HAAD are simple and most of the choices, if you are going to choose for the correct answer is obvious..unlike the nclex questions, which are full of tricks.. I studied for 2 weeks and most of those topics are the common diseases.. I thought if ever i fail that test, i can pass it on my second try because believe me, like the other passers said, it's not that hard but it's not that easy though..but obviously, it's doable...

    Here's what came out.. looks similar to other HAAD passers:
    DM, MI, rheumatoid arthritis, cataract/drugs, therapeutic communication, Lithium, parkinson's, dementia, alzheimer's.. any common diseases that you hear/encounter..

    hope these helps..fellow nurses, you can do it...

    hello king james!
    Im interested in taking the exams once im back to PI. how did u start your registration? Can i just register easily thru online... I hope to receive any reply from you so soon... i just want my luck in UEA this time..
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    Hi guys..im also planning to take haad exam this year but i dont have also any idea about the scope of exam..
    If i passed the said exam, can i work immediately in abu dhabi? is there any requirements for the exam? like u nid to have an experience in the hosp etc..or after passing the exam, do u still nid an experience? or haad license is enuf for u to be able work in abu dhabi? i need your reply pls..thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with HAAD. anyway, most of the hospitals in UAE require that you have at least a year of experience in a hospital setting particularly in a specialized unit. longer years of experience is an advantage.(obviously) I'm also a staff nurse in the Philippines, working for 4 years and counting... I want to apply also for HAAD so I can try my luck in UAE. I suggest you get to work stat. because the longer you're out of work, the harder it is to get employment in other countries. even a 6 months non-working gap from your previous employment require an explanation before some agencies consider you.(talk about demanding agencies.)
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    I have an account at the Pearson Vue for the HAAD-RN exam but I have not scheduled for the exam. I would like to know if there are other requirements for the exam or is the exam entirely separate from the Abu Dhabi licensure, i mean, i can continue taking the exam and do all my eligibility or application to Abu Dhabi afterwards? And can I ask for more tips for the test-takers like me.. thank you.
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    After scheduling an exam, you just need to bring 2 valid IDs. One passport and government ID or any valid IDs. there are instructions there the time you need to be on the testing center so you just need to read. I'll be taking the HAAD exam tomorrow at 9am. whew! Good luck me! I was just scanning some notes and good thing I found this post so that I can just some few more notes to study. Still have 24 hours before the exam. lol..
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    hi! like most of you, i am about to take my haad exam next week. thanks for those people who shared their experiences with regards to this exam. now, i have an idea where to start.

    btw, after passing the exam, what is the next step for licensure? is this examination an eligibility test only for registration or is it the licensure exam itself?

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