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HI GUYS!!! i am going take HAAD RN exam soon..may problem is i don't have any idea what scope and type of question will they give and what review materials will i use to preapare. Al i know is a compute based exam like... Read More

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    hello everyone!!!

    I passed my HAAD exam!! thank you for the info you shared about the exam. Yes, it was not easy and it was not that difficult!!! Most of the questions are just one-sentence questions. direct to the point. Some topics that i would like to share are as follows:

    Leadership and management, accountability, drug dosage and computations, prioritization, VP-shunt, positioning, therapeutic communications, anti-dotes, OB, arthritis, ACLS, Thrombophlebitis, hypertension diet, Leukemia, Hypokalemia, Meinere's disease, ICP, shock signs and symptoms,infection control and others!!!

    Kaya lang yan!! just read Gapuz book for international exams...

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    Hi, I just wanna ask some details about the exam requirements of HAAD, unlike NCLEX that requires a lot of documents before being eligible to take the exam, what does HAAD require before you become eligible to take the exam? From what I have seen in Pearsonvue, it only requires you to register online and schedule an exam and pay $90 fee, is that correct or you still need to pass some required documents first? or is it after passing the exam that you are required to pass those documents? I am planning to take the exam this August, I hope to hear from you guys. Thank you so much.
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    thank u guys for sharing your experience taking haad exam im going to take haad on july 30...wish me luck..and may GOD bless me..
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    if you took the nclex and local nle,haad is really easy.i took my exam 5 days after registering at pearsonvue and have no single idea about the exam..the questions are very basic, you can use the saunders or mosby as your review material.there are also drug and ivf computations, and basic nursing knowledge.i took my exam last week and i passed.
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    hi, congratulations you passed, is it true that there are no requirements in taking the exam? Just the $90 fee? please answer. thank you.
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    hi guys ..for those who want to take the HAAD EXAM all you need to do is go to haad website simply register and fill up the form online .after that you need to schedule your appointment choose what date and time and pay 90$ around 4200pesos ..u can used credit card .for those who dont have credit card i can help you just contact me 09073200581.i hope i can make it on aug,2...pray for me guys...
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    if you're not lucky enough to pass haad, can you take it again in about 2 weeks? thanx..
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    you can take haad exams if incase you failed after 3 months. So if you are not ready, dont take the risk..

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    merci beaucoup..
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    hey guys i took haad last friday and sadly i didn't pass..indeed the pointers that was posted here is included in the exam.im just a bit frustrated because i was expecting that i would pass it since most of what i studied was included in the exam. im just wondering if they have this percentile that one must meet in order to pass since they only gave us printed paper indicating if we passed or failed.do you have any idea what's the passing score?i think i was in a state of shock then that i wasn't able to ask the one in charge..oh dear!!even up to now im still thinking where have i gone wrong.*sighs i've checked my reviewer (NCLEX review book) and most of my answers were right. help

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