Want to improve my Nursing career. Looking to move to Canada

  1. Hey there and greetings!

    I'm new here in AllNurses.com. I've been a nurse in a hospital here in the Philippines for almost six years now. Early on, I have always wanted to give back to my country first before I move and improve my skills elsewhere.

    So now, I think it would be the time to move on to other places to start another chapter in my Nursing Career and I thought Canada would be a great place.

    The thing is, I don't want to have to go through any agency to do that and I just wondered if anyone here could tell me what to do first, as I have no idea what the requirements are, the exams I still need to take and the like.

    Thank you, in advance and a very prosperous new year!

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  3. by   Daisy_08
    First, Canada is a great place!

    I only know what I've read on here. There are lots of other threads with information about this. You will also see a lot of frustration and waiting, it's not an easy and deffinaly not a quick process. I would contact the college of the provence you wish to live in.
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    Can be done on your own just be prepared for a long wait. A lot will depend on which province you plan on moving to and what the provincial college of RN require.

    Once you have sorted Nurse registration out you then need to look at the Advice on Immigration forum to see what the current changes are with Canadian immigration and what routes are available for you to immigrate with