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  1. I'm a Citizen of CA, who had to study outside the USA (in the PHILIPPINES) whose trying to apply for the NCLEX RN. The BRN of CA cashed my $200 check way back in Oct. 24,2013. i received a letter around Nov. 5 2013 saying that i must send additional documents. Due to the processing of my school, it took a while before i could send them to the BRN. I got all my documents prepared, sent them around Jan 24, so i checked all of the updates that the website for CA has, i also noticed that your not supposed to call the BRN if your checked has been cashed under 90 days. Because of my curiosity, i called them and they freakin said i gotta wait within 3 mos again??? My study plan is jacked up already..

    is ANYONE experiencing something so complicated like this??? i even doubt sometimes if il be eligible or not O.o
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    If you are recent grad, your chances of being eligible are slim to none based on the concurrency issues. If you are lucky in 3 months you will get permission to take the NCLEX. I suggest you read what others are experiencing.
  4. by   steppybay
    Kabayan, don't hold your breath too long, since Nov. 2011, CA BRN has only approved a handful of PH applicants, even those trying to endorse into CA.

    Here's partially one of the reasons why: Position Statement: Concurrency of Clinical Experience of Philippine Nursing Schools

    The above applies to those with graduating BSN degrees from 2005 to 2013.

    P.S.- just so you know the application fees are not refundable, as I'm sure you read the BIG BOLD statement made on your application you sign on.