Virginia CGFNS req.

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    I am an RN and moved here to the states recently with my bachelors degree. During some research I did online, I found out that Virgina nursing board requires credit evaluation using CGFNS (CES) and also requires personnel to pass IELTS/TOEFL exam, or requires to pass CP examination before I can register for an NCLEX exam.

    Did anyone clear pass all these stages from Virginia and obtained Virginia RN license?

    I don't have an SSN, and that worries me.

    Does anyone know how long this process takes?

    Thanks in Advance.!
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    If you have moved to the USA with a valid work/immigrant visa I suggest obtaining a SSN ASAP as it will make life easier. If you cannot apply for a SSN because you are a spouse and not allowed to work the the BON may accept your application without a SSN but may not issue a license without a SSN.

    Suggest you go for CES and that takes approx 4 months but a lot depends on how timely they receive documents. IELTS shouldn't take long to do
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    Thanks for the suggestion Silverdragon. You are right, I am on dependent visa and cannot obtain SSN. Do I have to appear for English test in VA? My study and transcript are in English.

    You have RN license from VA? Does it make sense to apply to Board of Maryland instead?

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    You are better applying to the state you hope to work in. If the state BON states English is required and we have had members post who's training was done in English have still had to do a English exam. Even then you may have issues finding a employer willing to go H1b route ( if you meet requirements) or wait 6 plus years for immigrant visa. I do wish you all the best