verification of saudi license for canada nursing registration

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    i used to work in saudi arabia as a Rn for 4 years and I recently exit from the kingdom to apply in canada however upon reading the registration requirements. The Canada nursing board requires a verification of my license from philippines and in saudi arabia. The question is, How am I going to send this form to the saudi health commission? I visited their website but its not indicated there the exact address and the person that needs to be contacted regarding this concern. Is it possible for me to take this form to the saudi embassy or to the ateneo professional schools to verify my license? Thank you very much and I am hoping for a reply..=)
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    Hi. Were able to solve ur problem. I hope u cud share me the solution uve made coz Im in the same situation right now..thanks a lot in advance
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    hi good am.i have the same predicament just like you guys. Can any of you share on how were you able to solve this issue?I really have no idea how can i obtain that verification from SCHS. Thanks a lot. btw, i went to Ateneo Professional School in Makati but it was useless, they couldn't be of any help, same with Saudi Embassy.
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    hey Guys! I just found the answer yesterday. I am in the same road u know...well what I did was I ask first the Board of nursing if they have an idea how to get that document then they advised me to go in this site Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, request for Certificate of Good Standing through online. Go to E-services and look for Good Standing Certificate and enter your License Number. U have to pay SR300 fee, fill out and print the form and photocopy your License card. Good thing that I have friends there I just let them pay for my fee and they will send me the receipt and Once I paid it I have to send the receipt , the form and copy of my license to Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Saudi Arabia through mail.
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    Branches in Saudi Arabia these are the list of their branches where u can send the form.
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    HI to misslainern and to other members in this thread. I just wanna ask how did you apply as a nurse in Canada or even apply in Canada Nursing Board? I read in cic websites that nurses in canada is currently off/they're not accepting yet (except in Quebec)..
    I wanna apply also, please help! I am presently working as a nurse here in Saudi for 3 years. your reply would be a great help and motivation! God bless
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    Canada isn't recruiting off shore.

    Canada doesn't have a "Nursing Board"

    Suggest you do a lot more research around this site. All your answers are there.
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    Do u have the complete address of scfhs? I have the same situation I submitted already my application to cgfns I am unsure about their address. Thanks.