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  1. Hi Guys,

    I would really appreciate any advice on trying to complete the registration process in Ontario in order to take the CRNE. I applied back in April 2011 and have given the CNO every piece of documentation they have requested except for a reference for a post I held for 9 months at the beginning of my career nearly 12 years ago as my employer at the time no longer exists. The CNO have also requested the course description for my initial course, the DipHe in Nursing Studies, Adult, even though they have the transcripts of that course and the BSc which I have also completed.

    I am getting frustrated that even though I am trying to provide all of the requested information I am unable to complete the CNO requirements. The most frustrating thing is that even though I have over 12 years experience, a BSc degree in Nursing and various post graduate diplomas the CNO can't even make the decision to allow me to take the CRNE exam which would prove that I was competent to work as a nurse in Ontario.

    Have any of you had a similar experience and how did you get around it? Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    A lot will depend on whether you have both theory and clinical hours on your transcript in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. Unfortunately because the UK training is no longer general many UK nurses are struggling to meet CNO plus other provincial colleges requirements. CNO is taking a long time to be processed and expect to be sent for SEC or some other form of assessment

    At the end of the day CNO, as with other provincial colleges, need to make sure that your training matches the training of a Canadian nurse
  4. by   cgrussell2
    Thanks Silverdragon102. I completed Project 2000 which was general nursing for the first 18 months i.e theory and clinical hours in adult, children, mental health, obstetrics and learning disabilities and then specialised in adult nursing for the final 18 months to achieve a Diploma in Higher Education Adult Nursing. I went back to university in 2005 to complete my BSc in children's nursing also. In your opinion, or anyone elses, how do you feel this compares to the training of a Canadian Nurse?
  5. by   snowhugs
    Hi , I recently passed the CRNE and waited approx 1 year to have all my paperwork checked and triple checked by the CNO its really frustrating , I then applied to BC in the meantime giving up hope in Ontario... suddenly got the go ahead and passed ....!!! yeah but now its impossible to find work AAARRRGGGHH all i can say is be patient !
  6. by   Dizziafro
    Hi, I had the same experience as you, i did a dip he and qualified in 1995, 16 years ago, i have taken various courses including my non medical prescribing. I commenced my application to the CNO in 2010, they have also made me jump through hoops, i had references and job descriptions from all the places i'd worked over the 16 years, fortunately i knew how to contact people and was on good terms with all. I took their bacculareate equivilency essays, i got transcripts, certificates etc from the ukcc and universities and it took until December 2011 for them to finally let me take the exam. The uni had sent transcrpts with hours of study and clinical hours but unfortunately could not give the CNO theoretical and course content as they did not have acssess to the information any longer, they had lost it. The uni sent them a letter from the course director saying this is all the information they posses and do not hold any more info. The CNO wrote back 6 months later asking for more information!!

    They want all the information you can physically get hold of it doesn't matter how much experience you have, they are trying to decide wether your training is equivilent to theirs, it is very frustrating as we clearly have a lot of experience under our belts and are far more knowledgable than a new grad, but they will not get past this. In the end the university to wrote a letter stating that they do not hold or cannot provide any more information they also sent a copy of the confirmation that i had passed the course, (i don't know why they could'nt accept the 1st letter) this seemed to do the trick, i have decide to sit the exam in June 2012 to give me plenty of time to study.

    Also for your information, it is not the CNO that you send your information to that make the decision your case manager sends the information to be assessed externally, keep on top of your case manager because you want to make sure you do not go to the bottom of the pile each time you send more information in, i contacted mine regularly to get progress reports, i know they have many cases to deal with but on this occassion you have to be selfish. Your case doesn't seem too different to mine so hopefully you will get to write, and hopefully it doesn't take them as long to decide. If you need any more info feel free to ask.

    Good luck
  7. by   notix
    i sent my RN application to cno in 2010 and i have submitted all the required documents except 4 my course descriptions coz my school is unable to send them. recently i received a letter from cno telling me that my job descriptions came in an unmarked envelop and they have sent a verification letter to my employer and that i must arrange to have my course description sent to them by oct 2012, if they dont get them by that date, i will receive a letter with my referal date to the registration committee.

    what does this mean and what can i do since my school is not sending the course descriptions? what does the registration committee do. im already in Canada and im from South Africa

    thank you for your help
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Why isn't your school helping you? I believe they will not give eligibility unless they can verify your schooling
  9. by   notix
    they are saying its not their policy to keep course descriptions so they no longer have them, they only submitted my transcripts directly to CNO.
  10. by   Dizziafro
    I think they are trying to say that they are going to submit your information with/without the bits that are missing. I had a similar situation, the university that i did my nursing at no longer carried a course description of my nursing course as it was nearly 20 years ago. The CNO (case manager) kept insisting i get it, and i kept insisting it did not exist. Fortunately there was a great lady at the university who helped me out and wrote a letter stating that the course description no longer existed. I sent this letter to the case manager and it was submitted with th rest of my information. This seemed to do the trick. As you are limited for time, see if you can get someone (whoever you have been corresponding with) and see if they can write a similar letter and email it, as it is quicker (see if cno will except an email) or if the post it make sure it has the schools letter head/or stamp on it.