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  1. Hi all

    Hope I am in the right place. Sorry if this has been talked about before.

    I would love to move to Alberta to work as a nurse within the next few years, I currently hold a Diploma of higher education in Nursing Adult Branch from a UK university and have over a years experience currently.

    I have been looking at submitting my application to College and Association of Registered Nurses of a Alberta and see from the assessment that you need experience in Mental health, obs and gyn and pediatrics.

    Will my experience within the first year of university count toward this ? as we completed the common foundation program where by you had a placement in child health, mental health and adult nursing in the first year followed by final two years in adult nursing. Also do they take into consideration your current job, as i work on an acute medical admissions/ emergency department we see, mental health, obs and gyn on a day to day basis ?

    Also because I have the diploma does that mean I will defiantly have to complete the SEC assessment ?

    If an UK nurse has had experience of this recently any help would be grateful.


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    It isn't experience that is required but clinical and theory on your transcripts. Wait and see what the college says but a lot will expect you to be BSN if trained recently
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    Hi AJ, can I just ask if you have found out anymore information on te questions you posed? I am a higher diploma graduate with 3 years UK hospital experience also lookin into Alberta (and Ontario) was supposed to be going to a working abroad seminar in Leeds this weekend however they have emailed today to say the Canadian exhibitors won't make it! So now trying my hardest to find out info via the Internet :-)