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transfering license

  1. 0 hi everyone,
    Iam a new bsn graduate from India and got a license in Illinois 2 weeks ago. Now I have to move to Atlanta, Georgia . I never worked in Illionois and want to transfer my license to the new state.I was reading the requirement for Georgia state and noticed that for Licensure by exam I need to pass the TOFEL exam which Illionois doesnot reqire.If I want to transfer my Illinois license to Georgia, do I need to take TOFEL?.I tried to call the board, but did not get a sure reply.Can anyone please help????????
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    Moved to Nurse Registration area, hope you get helpful responses.
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    Yes. There was a similar question in a different thread, and the answer to that question was a Yes.

    See this thread:
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    Yes. If you are going to endorse to another state you need to meet the requirements of that state.