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hey guys m from new jersy . and my credental evaluationservice (CES) done by cgfns. but my state require ilets. i hv overall 6.5 which is accepted by my state but i have 6 in speaking but nj want... Read More

  1. by   romelmads
    If you plan to take your license in NJ, you'll need ILETS. In NY, no ILETS.
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  2. by   shergillnav
    no cancelled to give exam in nj.......i decide to give through CA board. when u r going to give exam romelmads
  3. by   steppybay
    Again, guys, it doesn't matter where you get your license from, it could be from AZ, TX, WA, HI, NV or any of the 50 states what really matters is where you plan to live and work with that license once you have it in your hands.

    In the OP's case, if you're planning to work, raise or bring family over into NJ, then, you still have to meet the NJ BON's requirements. If you don't want to or can't meet the NJ BON's requirements, then you need to move into a State that will accept your testing results, there's no way around this.

    You could get a license from FL, then endorse into any of the other states, but if you want work in NJ, then, you still need to pass the requirements of the NJ BON.

    You mention trying in CA, same rules apply as I stated above. Even with years of nursing experience say you did get a license in CA and wanted to go back to NJ, guess what? You need to meet the same exact requirements of NJ, it's ALL based on your educational background and if that State requires certain English exams, then you just have to deal with it.

    Btw, just so you know, CA is actually a not-so-easy state to get thru. You mentioned your degree is from India (correct me if I'm wrong), but I think the BSN degree from that country lacks OB and Peds and Maternity courses, I know that my Indian friend could not meet the CA BON requirements due to those missing classes and for now, she's re-thinking her nursing options (CNA or LVN jobs if she can find the school that will accept her).
  4. by   shergillnav
    hey steppway i got ur point exactly what ur mean. i know later on when i ll endorse my licence in nj at that time i hv to full fill ilets requirement.. my problem is that 1st i want to take licence by any mean or by any state then i ll full fill nj requirement. bcoz eng is not my mother tongue so may be it ll take long time to get 7 in speaking upto that time i do not want to delay my exam. my medium was english in inida .i did my bsn in english. i can understand english. i can write v well.listen . and paediateric . maternity was my subject in my bsc i studied that 2 sub for 2 yr with clinical practice. and my edu transcript accepted by cgfns meets all requirement....hope so it ll be suitable to CA too.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Guys, I appreciate that many post via other devices than a PC but can I please ask that you don't use Text Talk as per the Terms of Service of the site. If you have to take a English exam this is a good time to practice writing in clear English and plus not everyone understands a lot of text talk
  6. by   shergillnav
    okay i got your point. i ll try my best to write everything in appropriate english. yes you said well. thanks
  7. by   Marium modh
    take california board ..i have the same issue..california board is better u go for that
  8. by   lajina
    Hi I am from Nepal and my coursebooks and was taught in English so I thought may be I will be exempt from the English test in new jersey. I am hoping to give my nclex exam in February and has already started to study since a month. I calle cgfns for my CES report and now she is saying that I have to give english exam ( as I have to fulfill both the criteria) and till then I will not get my CES report.
    Right now as I have already started the preparation I want to give the NCLEX exam and then give English test. So I am thinking about changing the state and endorsement. Do you think I can change the state for now and give exam??