Texas citizen as a foreign graduate nurse

  1. I actually just graduated from 2011 in the Philippines with a nursing degree. I am an American citizen and a Texas resident but I have no understanding on what to do first to apply for licensure? Do I send an application first to BON for the NCLEX or to CGFNS for the CES??? And does Texas require a license from the Philippines? How exactly do I go about in applying? Is there a step by step procedure?
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    Start with the Texas Board of nursing,

    The directions are very simple. Any questions call the board of nursing.
  4. by   springkeeper_rn
    hi! i was in your shoes several months ago. i am her ein TExas too and i also graduated from philippines.

    first, u have to apply for a full Curriculum Evaluation Service with CGFNS. and yes, before i forget, Texas requires a license from Philippines as an RN.

    CGFNS has just completed my CES today and mailed me the CES report which they have already submitted to Texas Board of Nursing.

    heres the step by step...
    1. apply online www.cgfns.org (choose only CES) thats the only thing we need.
    2. pay online $385 (if not online (eg checks/money order its $410)
    3. print and fill out the forms for VOL (verification of license) and send to PRC in philippines (i went home just for this last april) if u want something done correctly, DO IT YOURSELF.
    4. Print and fill out REQUEST FOR TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS and send to ur school to fill out (there are more forms to print from CGFNS on CES application) u will know when u get there - but u only have to send to ur school and PRC
    5. waiting game begins UNTIL WHEN cgfns finished reviewing ur curriculum from philippines
    6, when ur CES report is issued...THATS WHEN U CONTACT Texas Board of Nursing again and pay $139 online and wait again till they issue ur ATT
    7. pay pearson VUE $200 examination fee!
  5. by   kathleenmae89
    omg. thank you so much for your help! you are my number 1 hero right now ^____^
  6. by   kathleenmae89
    and good luck with the CES as well as the NCLEX. i hope you get your RN soon
  7. by   PiliNut
    this is so helpful! i'm beginning to understand the process better. i graduated from the philippines this past year and i just got my filipino license a few weeks ago. i just a few more questions for you, i hope u don't mind.

    all those forms you print out from CGFNS, you send to your school and/or PRC, then the school and PRC send it back to you or the CGFNS?

    do you apply for the CGFNS and then apply for the NCLEX at the same time or after you get your report from the CGFNS? i'm just confused on how they'll find my CES report if i haven't applied with TX BON.

    you reply will be greatly appreciated cuz i feel lost and confused already! i'm even starting to think i should apply with california instead since their process seems shorter.
  8. by   kathleenmae89
    I am so sorry this is such a late reply. I initially applied with California and unfortunately I was not given an ATT. Cali BON was asking that I go back to school for at least 3 more years. I have two other classmates from the Philippines who graduated with me in 2011 with a BSN and who also applied for the CA NCLEX. All three of us were rejected and asked to go back to school. What was crazy was, they each asked us for different requirements so what happened was, I sent more than what was stated on their website. It took alot of effort to just meet the basic requirements considering the mess of gathering paperwork from the Philippines and having it sent over. My classmates and I were running circles and in the end each of us are now applying to different states, which at the same time is costly.

    I am still waiting on what Texas has to say.

    First I registered online with CGFNS and printed out their forms. With the CGFNS forms and the VOL form for TX, I sent the following to my school and to the PRC. With Special Power of Attorney, I had other people run these for me. I don't know why, but my school and the PRC took about 2 months before they finished these forms. Make sure the return address for these forms are to CGFNS and to TX BON.
    Once CGFNS has reviewed your documents and has sent them to TX Bon, then you can send your application to the TX BON. I sent a cover letter stating that the Verification of License form was sent before the application.
    My application was received on 08/28/12.
    I recently finished the required Jurisprudence examination and passed. So now I am just waiting on the ATT, which I hope I get and then I will register with Pearson Vue.
    Good luck to you.
  9. by   kathleenmae89
    Thanks so much for the help. I was wanting to know what the status of your application was. Did you receive your ATT and have you gotten your license yet?