Taking deficient units as CA BRN required, then what's NEXT?

  1. Hope to clear some questions about whats NEXT for applicant after taking the deficient units.

    As we know majority of the applicants with foreign education has been dealing with a stricter implementation of CA BRN policy (as time goes by, maybe ALL of the states would ADOPT the same policy as california does) which ALL of us were familiar with!

    But I am wondering what will be in store for us after we completed their recommendation to repeat our deficiency? Is there any deadline for us to complete that? because remember they only keep our application for 1 year if NO response been made it will consider to abandon?

    So, given the fact that we finish the deficiency, but it was more than 1 yr (I'm surely does!) Do we need to apply again and go back to square 1? and request again ALL the requirements from our school (BSN)? or simply submit the certification that we finish the deficiency?
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  3. by   dragon_lady
    The board gave me 3 years to complete the deficiencies.
  4. by   steppybay
    It's 3 years not one year. But to the OP, why not write to the CA BON what you just wrote and if they do reply, post up their answer, thanks!
  5. by   nomad29
    Oh! I thought it was 1 year, thank you! I still fixing my requirement, though, I addressed it already to the school showing them the letter I received from the BRN and told me it was taken care of. But, to my surprise, I still lack the clinical cases upon following up (after 3 months of agony) . Now, the question is, what did my school sent then???

    But, I knew that it will be denied! So, I'm shifting from BRN to BVNPT.
  6. by   nomad29
    [UPDATE] it's official I'm an RN, take that California BON....
  7. by   lemon99
    Quote from nomad29
    [UPDATE] it's official I'm an RN, take that California BON....
    How did u do it? Can u give me more details? I need to make up ob and med surg. My email is supitsjoe@gmail.com

  8. by   nomad29
    I did Texas.
  9. by   lemon99
    Did u make up the classes in Texas and licensed in CA or are u licensed as an RN in Texas?
  10. by   nomad29
    oh no, RN in texas, still in the process of looking for the school so I can be RN in CA