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singapore nursing board

  1. 0 well here's another option for fellow nurses in the philippines who are avoiding gulf countries/middle east..try wary however that agencies like fsl international manpower and jedegal international manpower charges an applicant twice their monthly salary.nurses with 3years + xp in a 200 + bed capacity will have a salary of around 61250 pesos while those with 1+ xp in a 100 + bed capacity hospital will have 42000-43000 pesos. housing transpo food at your own expense.with the high standard of living, my friend told me he was able to save only half of his salary..imagine that
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    oh btw, nurses who can sit for the singapore nursing board are those who were given a job offer by the said agencies..
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    Hi i have done GNM from India and i am working in india from last 3year in a heart ICU can i apply for job in Singapore
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    hi I'm currently taking my training at st. lukes 3months training for ER may I ask how can I get a new grad job at singapore? can you advice me on the things I should do.. thank you
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    would a 3 month volunteer suffice in order to apply for a nursing job in singapore?