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  1. Hi,

    I'm a RN in Quebec, Canada. I applied in Vermont. Vermont State Board asks for a C.E.S. which is completely fine by me. They have a choice of 2 companies for the C.E.S. The cie I paid for my C.E.S. is obviously established in an other State.

    This journey started 8 months ago. I had submitted my application for my C.E.S. and since day one, trouble after trouble trying to prove that I had met qualifications.

    - First they said that my Nursing School had incorrectly filled in the syllabus of the program. The hours theoretical vs practice were incomprehensible. I went back to my school, made them do another document with separate hours in separate columns. I had to translate this new document since my nursing school was taught in French. $$$ !!! After this discrepency I thought everything would be fine, wrong.
    - After that, they said hours didn't match in the new set of documents... of course they didn't.... they were separated.. I had to explain them why they were different... After a couple of calls and emails and agreement on the hours and the whys.... they said it was okay... (sorry if its complicated to follow, it actually is !!!!!!)
    -Then, they ended up with multiple sets of documents, and weren't able to start my C.E.S. since they didn't know which to use. I had to tell them that the last set of document which the Evaluator deemed fine, was the one to work on and to let go of the others stated unproperly filled.
    - Needless to say that I am completely frustrated. I then spoke with the supervisor on the phone and assured me that everything was going to be just fine. She emailed me that the evaluator was confused because there were courses that I had taken prior to my Nursing Program that weren't on the syllabus... well.. of course!!! On my transcript, we can see all courses I have taken since 2000. The supervisor suggested that I wrote an email back, stipulating that those courses weren't necessary and that they could exclude them from the Credential Evaluation. Email sent... I was waiting for a positive outcome... haha.
    - Almost a month past before getting any news. They had sent the DENIED repport to the Vermont Board. I Found out that my Repport was negative after the fact!!! haha They stipulated that I was lacking Microbiology studies. I called them and emailed them to let them know that on the syllabus, under my second bilogy course, there was my Microbiology and Immunology course. They said it wasn't clear enough. I spoke with them on the phone. I asked them if I could get proof that I did take Microbiology and that it was more than 40 hours, if they would reconsider and issue a new Credential Report and send it to the Vermont State Board of Nursing. They said yes that everything would be fine. Go back to school... Ask them to issue a full proof of my Microbiology course which was 60 hours and send it directly to the cie...
    - haha... here goes the last BUMP on the road... Now that I have proven to them that I took a 60 hours Microbiology course, they stipulate that since the course was taken on the first year and that in Quebec schoools we only have 11 years of high school, it was deemed inadequate and equivalent to the 12th grade in United-States.

    p.s.: My Nursing Program wasn't taken right after my high school... I took 1 year in a computer program...

    So here are my questions to you guys...
    1- How come they consider my first year as equivalent at the 12th grade...
    2- Why Microbiology specifically??? In the first year, I took Pharmacology, Nursing Care and other courses that ONLY Nurses can take. I asked them, no answer.
    3- What are my options here???
    4- By any chance, is there any nurse reading this who's from Quebec and studied the Technical Program? If so, would you please let me know how you got to work on this side of the border? Please!!

    I obviously need guidance.


    RN from Canada who's desperate to work in Vermont.
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  4. by   PolliFlor
    I'm seeking licensure in Vermont. Vermont licensure requirements seem rather strict. Out of curiousity, does anyone know of a state who's licensure requirements are minimale so as to one day achieve licensure in Vermont by reciprocity? Thanks again!
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    It is always best to apply in the state you wish to live and work. As it is not reciprocity but license by endorsement and you will likely have to meet the same requirements to endorse as you do fir initial licensure, especially as an IEN. So it will be more cost efficient and less time consuming to apply direct to VT.
  6. by   PolliFlor
    I've already applied to Vermont but as I wrote on my message, the Credential cie is giving me a pretty rough time with it. I am looking for solutions and guidance since they are not answering my emails. They know I took 60 hours Microbiology course and now they stipulate and find an other hick-up to my application. In the end, hey said it was the only problem with my application. That I was lacking studies in Microbiology. I proved them wrong by contacting my Nursing School and making them issue a proof of it. By now my credentials should be recognized as equivalent, but now they say it was taken on my first year of nursing... I'm speechless.

    Oh and by the way... the companies Vermont State Board work with are established in California and Philadelphia...
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Most states require CES so you may find the issues the same regardless on which state you apply to.
  8. by   PolliFlor
    @ Silverdragon102 : This is why I am looking for nurses originally from Quebec who went through the same path as I did, meaning what we call the "Cegep" program, instead of a bachelor's program in college/university. I'm looking for some solutions as to how to make them (CES) admit that my credentials are equivalent . At first, they said it was my Microbiology that was deficient in total hours of study . I proved to them I'd completed the 60 hours they deemed necessary only to then have them tell me the Microbiology course was ineligible to begin with because it was taken in my first year of Cegep studies which they suddenly deem to be equivalent to a 12th grade of high school in United States . They , and not an outside unbiased third party , govern their own internal review committee which ,surprise,surprise , agreed to uphold their decision that my Microbiology was deficient .
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