requirements in ny to take NCLEX..

  1. can somebody help me about this.. what are the requirements to take nclex here in NY?

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  3. by   michigansapphire
    nys nursing:license requirements

    to qualify to take either the nclex-rn examination or the nclex-pn examination, you must:
    1. submit an application for licensure (form 1) and the $143 licensure and first registration fee to the new york state education department.
    2. ask your school to verify your education directly to the new york state education department on form 2 (new york state programs completed prior to 4/1/98 or other u.s. programs), or form 2af (for graduates who are applying for an lpn license based on completion of equivalent education in a program conducted by the u.s. armed forces) or have your educational credentials verified by cgfns (non-u.s. programs).
    3. register directly with pearson vue to take the nclex examination. to register for the examination, you will need the program code for your nursing education program that is listed in the nclex candidate bulletin. the nclex candidate bulletin and additional information regarding the examination are available on the web at or . you may register for the examination online at or by calling pearson vue at 1-866-496-2539*
    *if you are a graduate of a new york state nursing program, or an approved nursing program in the u.s., you may apply for the examination at any time after submitting all the items in 1 and 2 above. if you are a non-u.s. nursing program graduate, you may only apply for the examination after receiving a letter from the new york state education department notifying you that your education has been approved and you are now eligible to sit for the examination.
    as the note at the bottom indicates, the exact process will depend on where you went to nursing school.
  4. by   teletipid
    Quote from michigansapphire
    [URL=""]NYS Nursing:License Requirements

    As the note at the bottom indicates, the exact process will depend on where you went to nursing school.

    thanks for the info.. i was thinking about the processing time..i know for sure it will take months-yrs for that application alone, i live here in NY, but i am a foreign grad nurse, no experience at all.. i was thinking of pursuing my nursing career after a long long time, i was thinking in applying in vermont for licensure and if i passed, just apply for a reciprocity to ny (that alone takes time too)..what are your thoughts?

    i just really want some clarifications.. thanks..
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Regardless as a foreign trained nurse you have to do CVS and process takes approx 6 months. If you plan on working in NY better to just apply to NY BON for licensure. NCLEX is just a part of the process
  6. by   tishamalows
    Hello silverdragon! i wanna ask if Ny still doent require ssn, toefl/ielts and cgfns exam till now? what are the requirements for school for CES? Thank you God bless
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    NY does CVS not CES and whether English exams and SSN are required best check out their website
  8. by   pam_sim1489
    Is new york also affected by the concurrency issue like what happened to cali BON?
    I'm a foreign graduate from the philippines batch 2009 without no experience. Will they allow me to take the nclex rn?
    What are the steps on applying, please help me. Thankyou
  9. by   hoby
    hi pam, in which state did you end up applying?
  10. by   bella14k
    Wait a second-I am graduating next Friday. Obviously I plan on sending my forms in to the board of NY so I can take my exam around July. But I'm hearing that ...once I send the forms in, it'll take up to 6 months for them to process? What ?!
  11. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Yes the credential verification service takes at least 6 months to complete.
  12. by   bella14k
    That can't be. I mean, it's possible. You're saying that I won't be able to work for at least 6 months after I graduate? That's silly. I know a lot of people who are scheduled to take their boards in like 3 weeks.
  13. by   bella14k
    Thats for a foreign trained nurse...I am trained in NY, living in NY.
  14. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from bella14k
    Thats for a foreign trained nurse...I am trained in NY, living in NY.
    You are posting in nurse registration forum in world nursing section which is intended for internationally educated nurses seeking licensing in a country other than the one where they were educated. Perhaps post your query in the US section under NY Nursing. It's probably 2-6 weeks wait for processing and a schedule availability depending on which center you wish to test. Once you pass the NCLEX NY BoN usually posts licenses pretty quickly.