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Requirements in Massachusetts

  1. 0 Hi! I'm planning to apply for the NCLEX in Ma. I graduated from the Philippines but I did not take the local board exam because my family migrated to the US after my graduation. Does anybody know if the BON in MA requires foreign graduates to have a local license to be eligible? Thanks!
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    It should state something on their website, alternatively ask them and get it straight from them
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    I checked and it was a bit vague for me. Looking at their application process, it states:

    "II. Education and English proficiency requirements
    1. To meet the Board’s educational requirements for certification, you must be a graduate of:
    a senior secondary school education (high school) that is separate from nursing education; and
    a government-approved, general nursing program that provided theory and clinical education which, in theopinion of the Board, maintains standards substantially the same as those required for approval of aregistered nursing education program in Massachusetts and which program is approved by the nursingboard or corresponding body in the jurisdiction where the program is located.
    Registered Nurse (RN): You must be educated and hold licensure in good standing as a “first-level,general” nurse (International Council of Nurses).
    Practical Nurse (PN): You must be educated and hold licensure in good standing as a “second-level,general” nurse (International Council of Nurses).2. Graduates of a nursing education program whose language of language of nursing education (classroominstruction, course textbooks, and clinical practice) was not English must demonstrate English proficiency before
    writing the NCLEX."

    But nothing when I read their statutes and regulations regarding licensure from other countries. I wonder if anybody has tried applying for MA BON. I guess I could call them in the morning, I'm just really worried. I think I'm running out of options after being denied by CBON.
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    CES report should indicate if nurse training was done in English with English text books. Therefore should be ok
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    Quote from rk11
    Registered Nurse (RN): You must be educated and hold licensure in good standing as a “first-level,general” nurse (International Council of Nurses).

    This doesn't sound particularly "vague" to me -- it sounds like you need to be licensed wherever you're coming from (or licensed somewhere). Not sure what other interpretation of this statement there could be ...
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    Hi! I'm also from the Philippines and I'm planning to take the NCLEX this April.
    I think they will require a license where we finished our nursing course. Particularly
    our PRC (Philippine Regulation Commission) License. Years back they don't but their
    requirement changed.