Requirements for CA NCLEX

  1. 0 What will be the requirements for a filipino to apply and take the CA Nursing Exam??
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    Besides needing a SSN and your local PH nursing license, you'll find that only a handful of PH students in particular have been granted the ATT in the past year in CA.

    There's truly 1,000's stranded in trying to apply into CA and several other Western States.

    I suggest you post your question in the World Forum, under the "Nurse Registration" here, where you'll find the answers to your question(s). It's all covered well over there.

    The blame is not with the CA BON or the other States, it's the type of curriculum handed to us that is the real problem, our educational system let us down after years of being told, the PH system is not meeting the minimum educational requirements of the States. Not that our PH system has to meet the USA standards, as they are only interested in meeting the country's own requirements.
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    Moved to nurse registration forum. There are several threads in this topic. Remember you are not applying for NCLEX but for a nursing license by examination. Passing the NCLEX is one step in the process to becoming a licensed nurse in the US. Good luck

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