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Hi. I got my AHPRA letter last June 25, 2012. I applied in La Trobe University, but I got my offer letter for June 2013. I e-mailed AHPRA for extension, but they did not allow me. Am I going to re-apply to AHPRA and wait until... Read More

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    Hi everyone! I hope you can help me with my current problem about AHPRA application.
    Due to an unavoidable circumstance, I wasn't able to secure a slot for any bridging program up to the expiry date of my LOE. As of the moment, I am planning to re-apply. Kindly give me an outline or detailed explanation on how am I going to start with my re-application? Can I re-apply to the same AHPRA office where I submitted my first applicatio? Can i re-apply even before the expiry of my first LOE? Should I forward same documents that I passed during my first application? Is the re-application fee same with the amount I paid during my first application...PLEASE HELP

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    Quote from yenRN
    I will not be able to receive an extension because AHPRA VIC did not allow me. I will just reapply again, so that I will be able to present a new LOE to La Trobe.
    Hi! How did you reapply? Did you inform AHPRA to cancel you current LOE? Did you submit the same documents you had before or did you prepare a new set and new certification. Thanks.
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    hi! can anyone here help me out.. im still fixing my ahpra documents.. and if i read all through the threads here it would take months... anyone here i can contact through email of facebook? so i can clearly ask about the whole process . THANKS!
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    what documents are you fixing tinram? did you already receive your eligibility letter form AHPRA?
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    Hi everybody,

    I would like to ask how long does it take for AHPRA WA to release LOEs after all documents were received? By the way, what AHPRA office process the fastest? I am supposed to start my bridging course on Monday, however, I haven't been issued a visa until now after 2 months of waiting. I will be moved to August intake in my school but my class in that intake will end 4 days after my LOE (extended LOE) expires. What is the process of reapplication? Is there a difference in processing times for AHPRA Reapplication and first time AHPRA application?
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    Lani, you can email your case officer. I was granted an extension after a week of emailing AHPRA.

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