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Just wanna ask, hows the experience taking the exam? Is it hard? what materials do i need to review and what usual categories are ask in the exam? and after passing the exam, how long do i need to wait for my visa to be... Read More

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    Quote from nursefritz
    Hi I'm a Filipino registered nurse applying for Qatar. My recruitment agency is OTG International Placement Agency. They requiring me to take prometric exam. They said that Saudi council prometric and Qatar prometric are same? Is it true??
    nope they are not there is a specific prometric qatar.. it will cost you 200$ compared to saudi prometrics which is only 92$...

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    I took the prometric qatar examination in APS-Makati last January 2011 and the following was included in my 70question. Crohns,ABG,Abdominal Paracentesis,Fleet enema, how to use crane, ICCD, appropriate IV site if the patient has a cast...also review the DM, HTN and COPD. The question is more on adult and pediatric MS. I never encountered any psych and maternal questions. theres a 2 or 3 question for pharmacology as i vividly rremembered.hope this will help to all of you guys.
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    hi there!

    just want to ask if the prometric exam in qatar has a validity period... is there an expiration if you pass the exam?

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    i m 25yrs old indian registered nurse, presently working in saudi. i have saudi council registration, it will expire on 2013, now i would like to migrate to quter. do i need to clear quter prometric exam?
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    i wanna to know about the registered agencies in kerala for qatar immigration.
    giving the advance thanks for ur immediate responds. thank you
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    I just want to know if you can also take this in Qatar? And is this also a Computer-Adaptive Test just like NCLEX-RN of USA? Thanks!
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    Just scheduled for Prometrics - Qatar on the 7th of March, 2012. And it's $200 -payable thru either Credit Card and Bank Drafts only. The testing center is located in Salcedo Village, Makati. But you can also take it in Qatar. There'll be 70 multiple choice items and your fate (pass/fail) will be determined right after you answer the last item. You have to finish taking it in 2 hours though (I took the 1PM-3PM slot). You can also choose your own testing schedule (just like NCLEX-RN) usually from Tuesdays to Fridays. It's also a computer adaptive testing.

    You can know more about it here:

    ood luck to everyone testing. Hoping to get a good results.
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    hi?i just wanna ask on how to apply for prometric exam of nurses in qatar here in the philippines.I'm planning to take the exam.what exact address in the philippines?
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    wat are the requirements to take the prometric exam here in the philippines?I'm waiting your reply..thank you
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    Quote from jerzel13
    wat are the requirements to take the prometric exam here in the philippines?I'm waiting your reply..thank you
    Pls see my post above. You have to schedule it through the WEBSITE SCH Testing | Prometric, not on the Makati testing site.

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