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Hi guys, I am applying for nursing licensure examination for Illinois and since I am a filipino and had finished my nursing degree here in the Philipines, I need to pass the 4 page application... Read More

  1. by   jaice
    Quote from moksi05
    thank you jaice, when did u send ur fp?
    Hi moksi05! I sent mine via fedex last January 26, and they said it was received and processed on the same day, January 30th of this year.
  2. by   moksi05
    Thank you again jaice, haven't received confirmation if they received mine , i tried to get in touched with them thru Fbook but no reply .
  3. by   jaice
    Quote from moksi05
    Thank you again jaice, haven't received confirmation if they received mine , i tried to get in touched with them thru Fbook but no reply .
    Well, it took me a few days before I got a reply.. You might want to call up their customer service... I just hope the rude woman is not there anymore..

    It was indicated the instructions that they will send an email alert so people could get their e-receipt... But I got nothing.. Maybe I'll check it again tomorrow...
  4. by   moksi05
    ok , thanks again will call them tomorrow. Hope she wont be the one to answer my call
  5. by   moksi05
    hi is your FP ok now?
  6. by   chelleRNB
    guys! i have the same problem (how to get the fingerprint card) but i have a different situation here. i already sent my 4 page application form to CTS, and they sent me a letter stating i have to call up the IDFPR to request for the fingerprint card. but i'm having a hard time calling them up, a recorded operator says their line is busy and i have to call back to their suggested time 3:30pm-4:30pm thu-fri.. is their another way i could get the fingerprint card? like if i have friend from Illinois...

    i wish you could help me out.. i would really reeeeaaaally appreciate your answers guys...
  7. by   lesliefy
    hi! may I ask how you got your cards? did the idfpr send you those letters?
  8. by   kingzen
    how long did the ( replied to you with the fingerprnt card? i also send them an email
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  9. by   Moonstarfab
    Hi is this page still working? Btw,how long will illinois (IDFPR) will send the FP card in your said address? Thank you.
  10. by   deepanoncillo
    Please give me the email address where I can ask for a copy of a fingerprint card. I have been waiting for almost 2 months and I have sent 5 emails already but they did not respond to any of my mails. Help!
  11. by   BRIAN, RN
    Anyone who take nclex for illinois already done? can i asked there contact info. I'm clueless for nclex processing alone. I'm not prefer NEAC to process it because to expensive

    Any of these:
    or any

    I'm now on fingerprint processing which is very struggling so i need to contact each one of you.
    Thanks for responding.

    My email:
  12. by   BRIAN, RN
    Does obtaining fingerprint card from IDFPR is necessary? once the FP card is in you where do u mail the card? How do i obtain a receipt from FP card?
    do i need to call the fp vendors list provided by IDFR?

    I'm Confused right now just of this fingerprint process.