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hello, i am an foreign graduate and an RN from philippines. i migrated here in california last nov 11 and was planning to take nclex here but when i submit all my requirements they told me that i am not eligible to take the nclex... Read More

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    I sent some of my documents with my application AND so did my school.

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    Just wait 8-10 weeks for the initial response.Good luck
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    I graduated from the Philippines in 2005. Migrated to US with a green card in 2006. I am now a US citizen. Failed Nclex-RN many times since 2006 and got frustrated and depressed. I last tested march of 2010; I had no problems with getting eligibility and ATT. Now I am married and just had my first baby. I want to retake the exam. I called CA BON 3weeks ago and to ask them if they still have my file; they asked for my SS# and found my file. They said I don't need to re-submit my requirements: I just need to pay the re examination fee and wait for eligibility; then ATT then pay pearsonvue to schedule an exam; just like normal process. Now I am reading these posts about being an IEN ... I honestly don't know what to think. Now I am scared to re apply for the exam because I don't want to waste my money on fees that cannot be refunded should problem arise. Advise please
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    If they have told you to go ahead and pay fee then I would say take a risk
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    Has anyone experienced the concurrency issue when endorsing a license from another state to California?
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    It doesn't matter if you are endorsing from another state. You still will have to meet the same requirements.Concurrency will still be an issue.
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    Quote from Theking04
    Has anyone experienced the concurrency issue when endorsing a license from another state to California?
    Yes we have had members post they have had issues with endorsing to CA. CA do their own assessment so whether initial or endorsing license requirements would be the same
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    hi jrmRN,


    as usual, we have the same case. I've been calling almost all colleges and universities too and they wanted me to take the whole 2 year program.but, HELL NO!!!

    I don't think we can still be a nurse here in CAli. i don't want you to lose hope. but this is the reality.
    Now, i'm starting to apply NCLEX to other state like Florida. and all they were asking was the TRANSCRIPT. no clinical cases whatsoever. and i'm ready to move as soon as i pass the exam.

    feel free to email me @
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    hi ksheen,

    you're in the method #3.

    my analyst ****** asked me too if i want to try the LVN so he can forward my transcript to the the LVN board.but he didn't asked me to pay 30bucks.
    it's been over 9weeks now after i filed my application to the LVN board and haven't heard anything from them. i tried to email them and they said that they haven't reviewed my papers yet. they currently working those papers received in September 2012.
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    Mine took 5-6 months to get my eligibility.

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