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hi everyone! im a newbie here. i just want to ask if is it okay to write the CNO for assessment even if you do not have any visa yet? i am a registered nurse here in the philippines and wanted to go to canada. even my aunt is... Read More

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    Hi there,..,,I'm taking the Cprne next month January and I'm freaking out right now,.,I didn't read books in my preparations. I only take those practice exams that i have and the prep guide,. And if there's something that confused or something that I kinda forget from what I've learned then that's the time I used books or google., I know in myself that its not good enough but I don't have time to read books I'm like 3weeks before the exam and very anxious,..,can you give me some tips, advice or anything that can help me to be more prepared and ready to face the exam,.,

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    hi! i'm new and my first post. hoping that it will be enlighten me with my future plans. I am a filipino registered nurse. I am planning to apply to move to Canada through FSW . Is it possible that I can take my test for CRNE with FSW? I want to be a registered nurse in Canada. I read loads of information and got confused on which is which. Need all your advice based with your experience.
    Thank you in advance.
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    See whether nurses are on the new FSW list when it comes out in May. If you have PR via FSW then you should be ok to sit CRNE as long as you have meet all college requirements

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