passed JULY 2013 CGFNS Qualifying Exam!

  1. so i was waiting in the testing center for the proctor to call my name. The testing site are half full of IELTS examiners/ reviewers and I felt a little assured knowing I was the only one to take the CG exam. I didn't see anybody opening/scanning their notes for final review - that I would occasionally see if I am with another test taker.

    And so after 10 mins I was called to get inside a room and read the rules of the exam. After that the proctor ( a cute male kabayan guy) *blush* ushered me inside the exam area. I was so nervous and it did show on my face that's why he said some pep talk and gave me a wide smile. I returned a weak smile though.

    So I was now in front of the desktop, this time it explained several instructions about the exam. This instructions were almost similar with my HAAD exam, except that the former won't let me go back again to the previous question once I hit the SUBMIT button.

    The exam is 165 items, the passing mark is 411. Needless to say each question will amount to 5 points each. With this thought, i branded "CAREFUL"in my head.
    But the first question asked about a term i encountered before (during my questions and rationale review) that i totally forgot *sigh* , followed by figures to interpret in a SATA question *sigh, sigh*, then some lab values that I didn't review *deep sigh* .. Really what a wonderful luck to start the exam!

    But then I just continued praying before and each questions, occasionally inhaling deep breath, shutting my eyes tight, and straightening my shoulder. The exam went on again with several SATA questions, 5 or 6 computations, and on and on... It was 3 hours long, but after 160 mins I managed to answer them all to my relief.

    After exactly 2 weeks of waiting, I got a positive result!
    I passed the exam with 520 points. It has some explanations on how I fair the exam, stating I need to concentrate more on health promotion and maintenance and reduction of risk potential. With this good news of passing I plan on moving to the next step - NCLEX. My aunt is a nurse in Cali and she advised me to take NCLEX in Nevada, a neighboring state. Unfortunately for me CP is not required there, but CES. SO now I plan to take CES, in God's grace if i will have no problem with concurrency issue then I can proceed to Nevada. If not - Michigan is my plan B.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Congratulations on passing CGFNS exam. Not sure why you went for it as not many states require it these days as most require CES report. At least CGFNS can use the documents already sent for CES.
  4. by   steppybay
    Kabayan, congrats on the passing! You should read all the recent threads on where to go for your license and without even thinking of trying to get the license in one state then try to endorse it over as it will only mean more time and money wasted to go thru many of the steps all over again.

    You should know that NV is enforcing the concurrency, but the last piece of information posted here was that NV has closed off all applications coming in from foreign countries, as of end of June. You may want to call the NV BON to get verification if it's true.

    If NV BON is still taking foreign applications, tt really depends on what comes across from your college's transcripts and what it may have or not have. We have seen those lacking clinical hours, missing courses, needing to take a physical assessment class, etc.

    By chance that you're a PH 2004 grad or earlier? If so, there might be a slight chance that you can pass the CA BON application. There have someone who was able to endorse into CA due to the 2004 year. However, if you're 2005 onwards, then, CA would be a high risk gamble to apply into.

    Anyways, here's someone's posting on AN of their denial letter due to the concurrency: [COLOR=#003366]

    Some NV denials: [COLOR=#003366]

    Another one : [COLOR=#003366]

    There's some discussion that some need to take IV courses.
  5. by   kismetRN
    whew! after reading all that I think I should push my luck in Michigan (superFIngersCross) .
    I am batch07, unfortunately we don't have that Physical Assessment subject -so Nevada would be quite a stretch.

    Thanks steppybay! nice save
  6. by   sweetempathy
    Hello Kismet! Congratulations!

    MAy I know where can I locate the CGFNS Qualifying exam result? Will I include counting the weekends to total it as 2 weeks, which is the span of the release of the exam result? Hoping for your response. God bless you always!
  7. by   kismetRN
    Ahmm it was exactly from d date you took d test - u cn start counting 2weeks den.. Gudluck! )
  8. by   jover76
    hi everyone! I'm new in this site. i will be taking the cgfns qualifying exam this march. just wanted to know what exam type is it? is it more application or memorization? any advice would be appreciated. thanks a lot guys! more power..
  9. by   kismetRN
    the content of the exam can be seen in the CGFNS web,, it is more like combination type and just like NCLEX you will have hot spot, SATA, delegation questions..

    God Bless on your exam!
  10. by   jover76
    Quote from kismetRN
    the content of the exam can be seen in the CGFNS web,, it is more like combination type and just like NCLEX you will have hot spot, SATA, delegation questions..

    God Bless on your exam!
    Thanks kismetRN.. What review materials did you use for
    cgfns exam? Have you tried nclex rn mastery app? Or nclex rn 3500? Are they somewhat they same with cgfns type of exam? Thanks again.. Im very anxious about the exam..
  11. by   kismetRN
    i used the Saunder's 5th edition book and also downloaded the Saunder's Mobile application for IOS..
  12. by   jover76
    Thanks kismetRN! GbU
  13. by   kismetRN
    after I submitted all the required docus, it took a month for CGFNS to change my status to Authorized to test
  14. by   FREDERO
    Thanks so much kismetRN for your response.i have 2 more other questions.First of all after your CGFNS qualifying exam results are out and you've passed, how long does it take CGFNS to mail your CGFNS certificate? Secondly, all the documents required for the certification program are the same as for the visascreen certificate application with the CGFNS qualifying exam and TOEFL fulfilling the exam component of the visascreen.From that point how long will it take CGFNS to mail your visascreen certificate after you've applied online for it?