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hi, i am internationally trained nurse from india . i applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of ontario oct 2011. they took over an year and finally determined that my education/ experience is not equivalent to... Read More

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    hi marvelous1, can i ask what nursing textbook did you use in preparation for osce ?in general,what method of preparation did you do for the osce exam?i'm so anxious about this exam.i don't know where to start.please give me some pointers.thanks
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    Hi I used 4 manuals to pass. They have all the summarized information you would need to succeed. You can email me at alex.hiew1986@gmail.com and I can tell you more about it..
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    Pointers that I got from the 4 manuals I used:
    1) Study therapeutic communication: what words to use and what not to use and how to address the patient and his/her concerns
    2) Understand CNO regulations and principles on all the documents found in College Documents - CNO. The manual I had summarized it for me. (confidentiality, disagreeing with plan of care, infection control, etc.)
    3) Nursing skills
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    I am from Tanzania good luck I know you will have your exam soon.pray for you fellow.after that don't hesitate to share your experience.the201155@hotmail.com
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    Quote from Marvelous1
    Hey guys. I took the OSCE and I passed! This was last year 2013. It was hard but I made it. I am not allowed to reveal the cases in the OSCE but I can give you general information. Practice is the key. You should be able to handle an angry patient, a depressed patient, a grieving family, etc. Its all practical application and showing respect, empathy and care to your patients. Sometimes it will be your colleagues behind the door too and you need to work together with them or settle some issues with regards to patient care.

    Hi! When did you take your osce? How long did you wait to get your result? I took mine last Nov 2013 but until now I don't have my result. I sent CNO an email 3x (every week) but according to them my assessment is not yet finish. It's just strange because my friends already got their result including those who we met during the exam and their friends as well. Anyone with the same situation as mine? It's confusing why I'm the only one left without result.
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    Hello Malaika,

    Congrats on passing the OSCE. I see it's been a while since you passed the exam and probably don't visit this site often. I am hoping you are able to get this post and help me out if you can. I just added you to my contact/ friend list, hoping you get the friend request via email.

    Anyway, I am taking the OSCE in about 2 months. I am having a hard time with what to study and how. Could you please tell me how you prepared for the OSCE? books used, what/how you practiced? Please find time to help me out. I will really appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you