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Hi, I am internationally trained nurse from India. I applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of Ontario Oct 2011. They took over a year and finally determined that my education/... Read More

  1. by   msER
    i received one.
  2. by   lhiza28
    good luck for the exam msER
  3. by   lhiza28
    LenJoy are you scheduled for the OSCE?
  4. by   lhiza28
    I just send an option form back to CNO last week that i iwill attend the CEHPEA evaluation. Can anybody tell me when will they (CNO) can probably contact me? Do we have a choice to choose to a date for the OSCE exam?
  5. by   Merrin
    Hi lhiza, CEHPEA will send you a link to register for the exam, they may contact you as per their seat availability for the exam.Hope you would get the link soon.
    Good luck
  6. by   akama
    Hi I too received a MSG to register for the test zzzz buy due to some visa problem I won't be able to attend the test in August ... Is it possible for us to chose a date or we don't have a choice .... I haven't registered yet
  7. by   hansame_15
    Im a nurse here Abu Dhabi, I think we have the same timeline of sending the option form, until now i havent received confirmation yet from Cehpea.
  8. by   lhot1234rn
    Hi.I am form abu dhabi (educated as RN in the Phil) and i have'nt decided yet whether to go for OSCE or option 2 which is to wait for reconsideration.My problem is that i am presently employed and it would be very difficult for me to ask for a short leave to attend OSCE if ever i choose option 1 and my annual leave is still months away (oct) where i am not even sure if the CEHPEA has a sched for OSCE at that time plus the issue of getting a tourist visa going to canada.So up until now i am thinking to go for option 2 but my mind is still torn.Has anyone of you guys got any idea of the possibilities of option 2? Thank you.
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  9. by   BINAZ

    I received the link from CEHPEA exactly 2 weeks after sending the option form to CNO. CEHPEA gave user name and password to create a account with them.Then you need to submit an application form with fee.There are two choice of dates option 1 & option 2.June 27 and August 15.I submitted application on May 15 and waiting for Invitation.I would update When I receieve the same.
  10. by   hansame_15
    I undesrtand your dilemna, one of my friend sent email to CNO and ask all these things, according to him most probably your application will be consider to possible decision which is to study 18 months but there is probability that you will be reconsidered but thats a little chance. I think for a win win solution is to proceed with the osce. Its just we must have Faith that we will pass the osce, and if its all Gods will, thy will be done.
  11. by   forever24
    hi lhot1234rn,

    I've known somebody who opted for review by the registration committee;option 2, but later on advised by the CNO to still do the Osce. Hope this helps. Goodluck
  12. by   sshafiq
    Hi forever24

    U r rite.. Cno is not considering the review option anymore so either an applicant can go for osce or withdraw the application
  13. by   hansame_15
    really is this true? You mean wether we like it or not we need to proceed the osce? OMG