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hi, i am internationally trained nurse from india . i applied for registration as RN in college of nurses of ontario oct 2011. they took over an year and finally determined that my education/ experience is not equivalent to... Read More

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    You have to prepare holistically .Know your Nursing period.
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    Hi friends ,
    How was the exam . Due to my health issues I was not able to give this exam . Can anyone post the example of the questions asked in the exam . It will be really helpful .
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    Requesting exam test material such as test questions is not permitted by the Terms of Service of this site as it is considered to be a form of academic cheating.
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    That is very true. Know your nursing holistically.success my dear.
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    Hi! Can you give us tips about the exam? Which subject to focus more?? Thanks!
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    Please check out the websites posted in first 2 pages:

    Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) - CNO

    What areas of skill and knowledge are assessed in the OSCE?
    The blueprint for the OSCE is based on the National Competencies in the Context of Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice. Skills and knowledge assessed may include:

    • Basic and advanced clinical skills
    • Health history and health assessment
    • Use of technology in nursing practice
    • Pharmacology and medication administration
    • Pathophysiology
    • Knowledge of the Canadian health care system
    • Current, evidence-informed practice

    How do I prepare for the OSCE?

    and Centre for the Evaluation of Health Professionals Educated Abroad (CEHPEA)

    These are the resources provided by Canadian Nursing organizations to help you succeed with evaluation.
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    the exam is all about general nursing, I know its too broad, but this is the only way to get you on track in dealing with different scenarios.
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    I've just found out that HealthForceOntario will be conducting nursing OSCE information sessions on April 15, 24 & 30. Their Access Centre provides FREE services to support internationally educated health professionals.

    This could help you.
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    Hi! I'm a IEN and i received a letter today from CNO to take the OSCE. Can you please give us advice on what review materials to use.thanks

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