Objective Structured Clinical Examination (Osce) for IEN

  1. I received a notice from CNO stating, I need to undergo OSCE as part of my application for RN. It's a 4 hour exam, I guess? But just curious as to how the exam is conducted? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    this thread may have some info for you osce ( observational structured clinical examination)
  4. by   lydzMtl
    Osce is HELL! Sorry! I have to go pass my huge exams in 1 moth... 4 h written 200 question rxam and 4-5h 20 station OSCE... Let me explain how it goes down... Every station you face a doir ( pt room) when you enter u have 10 minutes ti read the given situation amd then act according to what is asked of you with a "patient" there to act it out for you... Bell rings finised or not you go out... And you move on to the next one... But tricky thing is you can have a peds door followed by a surg door followed by a psyc door followed by a give a report for your patient to the doctor door... So your brain is bassically a huge mess for that whole 4-5 hours... I sweat its HELL!!!

    Sorry got nithing good to say about that exam...
  5. by   gilharpre
    There is not enogh information on CEPHEA website. Even not about writing test.
  6. by   forever24
    oh hi. thanks for giving me an idea.
  7. by   lhiza28
    it seems a tough one.
  8. by   thcnls
    Hi did u take ur osce exam How is It?