New grad nurse . CGFNS Process (New York)

  1. 0 Hi I'm a newly grad nurse in da phil and Im a U.S citizen ,just arrive last June . and i would jst like to ask if how many months will it take CGFNS to process my application . I just started my application last July .
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    Depends on what you have asked for. CVS for NY BON takes 6-8 months overwise CES averages 4 months but a lot depends on how timely they receive all your documents
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    OK. Thank you for your help, just have to wait.
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    Hi! I am a graduate of BS Nursing in the Philippines in March 2007 and dont have a local license. Im a green card holder in US and I intent to apply for licensure as a registered nurse in New York. I read some of the requirements online but I just want to clarify the following:
    1. What will I request from CGFNS, Credential Evaluation Service or Credential
    Verification Service for New York state?
    2. If I become illegible and pass successfully the NCLEX and I decide to work in other state, can i apply for reciprocity?
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    CVS is what you have to go through for New York

    If you meet NY BON requirements and Pass NCLEX resulting in a license being issued you can apply to endorse license to another state but generally qualifying overseas requires you to go through their process ie CES report to meet requirements. CA I would say is current exception however there are other states denying initial application de to concurrency issues and this may occur when trying to endorse
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    Thanks for the info Silverdragon102.

    Do u have any idea/suggestion which states I am qualified to apply licensure for RN since I graduated more than 5 years ago and dont have a local license in the Philippines. I already tried BON in California but my RN licensure application was denied with the same reason as other. Thanks!
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    hello kziah1973.. can you add me on facebook? my email is Click here is my name

    anyway.. i also applied for NY STATE last july.. would you mind adding me on facebook so that we could update each other?
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    hello Silver DRAGON! can i add you on FB. coz i cant send you a message here. ;C

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