New grad nurse . CGFNS Process (New York)

  1. Hi I'm a newly grad nurse in da phil and Im a U.S citizen ,just arrive last June . and i would jst like to ask if how many months will it take CGFNS to process my application . I just started my application last July .
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Depends on what you have asked for. CVS for NY BON takes 6-8 months overwise CES averages 4 months but a lot depends on how timely they receive all your documents
  4. by   kziah1973
    OK. Thank you for your help, just have to wait.
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  5. by   miles
    Hi! I am a graduate of BS Nursing in the Philippines in March 2007 and dont have a local license. Im a green card holder in US and I intent to apply for licensure as a registered nurse in New York. I read some of the requirements online but I just want to clarify the following:
    1. What will I request from CGFNS, Credential Evaluation Service or Credential
    Verification Service for New York state?
    2. If I become illegible and pass successfully the NCLEX and I decide to work in other state, can i apply for reciprocity?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    CVS is what you have to go through for New York

    If you meet NY BON requirements and Pass NCLEX resulting in a license being issued you can apply to endorse license to another state but generally qualifying overseas requires you to go through their process ie CES report to meet requirements. CA I would say is current exception however there are other states denying initial application de to concurrency issues and this may occur when trying to endorse
  7. by   miles
    Thanks for the info Silverdragon102.

    Do u have any idea/suggestion which states I am qualified to apply licensure for RN since I graduated more than 5 years ago and dont have a local license in the Philippines. I already tried BON in California but my RN licensure application was denied with the same reason as other. Thanks!
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