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NCLEX still waiting for ATT letter

  1. 1 Hello everyone!

    This is my first post, I graduated last year in the Philippines with a Bachelor's degree. Its been almost a year waiting for my att letter. The Bon ask for so many requirements the latest one was asking for mt RLE TOR and cases, hope they could ask them sooner. If they recieved my requirements how long do you think will i recieved my ATT letter? Will i be able to pick my exam date? For how long?

    Hoping for your reply, Thank you!
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    Which state do you apply into?
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    It depends on the state, and if they require additional documents, it would take longer. I suggest you keep contacting them and follow up on your application from time to time.
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    Moved to the Nurse registration forum

    I suspect that CA may be the state you applied to and if so suggest a good read in this forum
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    California :/
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    im a foreign graduate from cebu and living in tx. can i please ask what are the steps you took to take your nclex?