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Hi, i Am a new member on this site.i reccently mailed my NCLEX initial application for the state of nevada. do you guys know how long does it takes for them to reply??? im waiting for more than a... Read More

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    Hey pnay_doll, sadly the program was postponed to 2014 summer. I haven't applied for any schools, just currently reviewing.

    Quote from pnay_doll
    Hi kuyafern .. Did u enrolled already for med surg.. What school it is?

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    Thanks kuyafern for the updates.. I was calling school to Nv to inquiry , Csn is accepting Med surg class but its all base also if the availability since its a limited program...
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    Hi kuyafern, im a pinay. I also applied for nevada rn. And in still waiting for the report ces. I have some questions to you about the med surg, my email is thank you sp much
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    Hi kuyafern pls email

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