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hello friends i failed my nclex rn 4 times by vermont board of nursing.please give me some information and guide how many times i can take by vermont board and which state has unlimited it possible to transfer my... Read More

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    Quote from ships
    i called cgfns they gave me information but now i have one more question i can not see any rules website of illinois board of nursing.can u give me some information about illinois board i mean how many times they allow to take and after how mant attempt do i need any refresher course?thanks a lot dear.
    You may have to e-mail or call the IL BON. I e-mailed CA BON and received a reply about fail attempts.

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    Quote from RN2BEESOON

    This board is where people come for encouragement With all due respect who are you to suggest to ANYONE that nursing isn't for them? You have people that post here that have taken NCLEX 7 or 8 times and finally passed.

    The information the person is requesting would be facts from the states. I find it silly (or lazy) to come here and ask people to research this information. Pick up the phone and call or read the state sites.

    I personally find it frightening that somebody could fail 4 or 5 or 6 or more times and eventually pass and get their RN.

    Nowhere does the board say only support allowed and no talk of reality.

    And anyone can make any is a reasonable thing to do.
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    it is just luck....your luck worked for you...but my luck is not with just matter of time...

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