NCLEX in CA - 2007 Licensed in the Philippines

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    Hi! Just migrated here in California. Planning to take the NCLEX.. I know CA has some tough requirements. Any suggestions? Or anyone here who lives in CA going through the same thing? Thank u!
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    If you're 100% sure that your clinicals and theory are done concurrently, and you/your school can provide the documentation, I would suggest RN application by examination. If not, you can also try LVN route option. LVN application for IENs takes really really long time before they can process it.
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    Hi Quincy! Crichei23 is right.. You can always try the LVN route. As for me I live in California but I am applying to TX BON and is process now. My brother on the other hand made his way through the psych-tech route here in California he is also an IEN. What country did you study in?