Nclex application..additional requirements??

  1. hi! I send my application to take the NCLEX-RN exam last Dec.10,2012 and I received a reply from them just now. they're asking me for more additional requirements which are not included in the "EXAMINATION APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST" that i have printed together with the application form. like:
    -a copy of your US Social Security Card
    -A copy of your nursing license with English translation if applicable
    -a copy of your entire visa and/or passport (including blank pages) and a summary of all departures and entry dates for US and Philippines.
    -A one page BSN curriculum outline and an academic calendar sent directly from your nursing school to the Board.

    I just want to know why they need the 3rd one? are there any other applicants or previous applicants who had the same situation as mine or am i the only one required with this? also my school sent the other requirements way before i sent my application form, so why is it they send me a letter which is requiring me to submit the 4th one? plus, in the copy i received they didn't ask to submit a COPY of my US SScard,they just said to write it down i my app form. Can anyone help me clear this up? does anyone have any idea about this? Thank You
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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    If you read the CA BON meetings, they notice the dates the school list do not match up with passport entries. Sometimes the same person is listed in clinical when they were out of the country. I would only worry if you have unexplained trips home when class was in session.
  4. by   sternum888
    same as yours bro.. i gave them what they need and got denied because of this concurrency.. just wasted my time, money and maybe hope to be an RN here..
  5. by   steppybay
    The BON is spot checking many international applicants to see if one actually attended the schools as so stated in your application. There's been findings of RECTO documentation.

    There were instances whereby PH students claim they went to school in the Phils only to find out they NEVER attended such schools but able to "buy" their transcripts from the Recto address. If I heard or know of anyone submitting such documents, even if it was my sister or mother, I'd immediately report them to the BON enforcement unit. Good thing, both are not in the medical field, lol.

    But if you guys know of anyone trying to cheat the system or have gotten their license in this illegal way, report them, you can remain as an "unknown". That's one nurse that will leave a job opening for someone else who worked and studied hard, not by their greediness and lying minds.
  6. by   jhasz0392
    thanks for the replies..yeah..i did send them those additional requirements but unfortunately I wasn't eligible to take the NCLEX YET because of that "concurrency" thing.I wasted my time, effort and money...
  7. by   jhasz0392
    Quote from sternum888
    same as yours bro.. i gave them what they need and got denied because of this concurrency.. just wasted my time, money and maybe hope to be an RN here..
    that's what happened to me too...gosh...i'm super depress right what did you do>?
  8. by   chelletmarios
    Hi bronze! How's your application in Cali? They are asking for one page BSN outline too from me. My school and I don't know exactly what is it. Can u help me pls! Tnx!