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    Quote from Julairose

    where can I ask if there is still a vacancy for the June intake? I completed the application last January, they said I'd be receiving my offer letter this week but I haven't received it yet. IM worried maybe it's already full.
    you can call ihna office instead and ask when will be the intake they are going to give you. i did that.

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    anyone for ACFE , APRIL 30 intake? message me..
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    Quote from perdidz
    Hi everyone! im new planning to take the ARNTP in UniSA..does anybody here know how many slots they offer for october 2013 intake? I still have to take my ielts this march.. thank u guys..
    Hi! I'm guessing 50 or so but you can email UNISA just to confirm. They always reply after 1 to 2 days
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    Quote from aubreyR
    Who's for UNISA's April intake?
    your inbox is full
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    Quote from marvinjude
    UNISA ARNTP on April, anyone?
    count me in...
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    Quote from beauex
    your inbox is full
    pm'd you just now
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    To UNisA april 2013 students: 1.) how long did you receive your coe after paying the tuition fee? 2.) did you really have 2 doses of mmr and varicella vaccine? I was told by my clinic that one dose each would be enough. Anyone? Thanks!
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    Hi Arenlima
    I am also working here in UAE and also planning to do BP in aus, I just want to know how did you go through the process? Do you have any agency? Enlighten me please, thank you in advance. By the way can I get your email address if you wont mind?
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    Quote from ceridwyn
    ETEA program, very briefly was on accredited list for bridging education list last week, (early february) then disappeared within the hour of it being there, though, has always remained on inactive list since end of January.

    Please be aware of this, check with AHPRA any of those pursuing this course.
    Just always check NMBA's website, because its there. And it is approved until 2016.

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    Quote from aubreyR
    Hi! I'm guessing 50 or so but you can email UNISA just to confirm. They always reply after 1 to 2 days
    Thank u for your response mate..

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