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    Quote from jamic
    hi danceinstructor! Good to know I have a classmate here. Was beginning to worry no one from allnurses will be going to LTU. I havent bought my plane tickets yet but Im guessing I should be there on the 9th. Have you found a place to stay already? email me at
    email sent.

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    Hi! For those who have undergone the bridging program in IHNA melbourne campus. Is the Au$3000 worth the 3month accommodation? My relatives live in Sydney and the best thing to do at the moment is accept the school's offer. However, if you have ideas on where to find good but cheaper housing near the school, kindly respond. Thank you
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    Quote from Shaneyney
    I'm done with the interview. I'm not quite sure of the thing they're assessing - communication skills, honesty? They didn't ask a thing about diseases, like what other schools have been doing, which is good, I guess. To be honest, I'm not pleased by the answers I gave out. Not that I did horribly bad, but the interviewer seemed unconvinced with my answers. Hayy.

    How about the other guys, did they say you passed right after the interview? Good luck to all of us!
    Omg!! im also done with the interview as well, the questions are personal. well ive read somewhere that they are looking for applicants who have good communication skills. but at the end of my interview the interviewer said if i have any questions, i was so itching to ask if i pass the interview but obviously its too neurotic if i ask that question, so i asked him if when is the earliest intake if i pass the interview and he said it will be determined to how the other applicants will do on the interview. so basically they are filling up the february and april slots so fast. so i hope we could get into an earlier slot. i hope we get our offer letters soon!!!!
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    Hi! sent you an email..
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    hello guys! Does anyone know what month IHNA still has available slots for intakes? what about acfe and other bridging schools? I heard jan is already full. thanks
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    Quote from drummerracer
    i submitted my app first week of march this year. i dont have an agent. did everything on my own..havent completed the vaccination bec im still looking for a school ..
    what school are you into?
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    still looking...
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    Quote from drummerracer

    hi annie! i just called ahpra regarding my appeal and they said they considered my application and i should just wait for 2 weeks for the letter. does that mean they're gonna give my LOE?
    Did you receive already your LOE? They sent me the same email to wait for around 3 weeks. what state did you apply?
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    Quote from yourprincess
    hello guys! Does anyone know what month IHNA still has available slots for intakes? what about acfe and other bridging schools? I heard jan is already full. thanks
    There are still slots for feb in Perth and also both of the campuses they have for Melbourne and Perth are available in April.
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    QLD. I actually didnt receive an email.. i called ahpra and they told me the result..

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