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  1. by   periwinkleme
    hi everyone, im a newbie here. can i just ask what state in australia should i pass my application? which is the fastest to respond? and does anybody here know about cases that some applicants with nclex were exempted to take BP? i'll appreciate your answers. thanks.
  2. by   markmarkrn
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    hi nurses, I would justl like to ask those who had their visa 456 approved if you guys have the word "last date of arrival" on you visa grant letter? can anyone help me what is the length or interval of the validity to grant date of the visa? i appreciate those who could help me on this. thanks.
    Yeah i do. It is for a year
  3. by   pringxoxo
    Quote from marklouiemarco
    Yeah i do. It is for a year
    hi marc, i got a very hard time processing my visa here in Sg. it took me more than a month and now, i received my visa having "multiple entry" but the last date of arrival should be january 12,2013. My expected travel date was first week of Jan 2013 and its really really confusing that they gave me multiple entry but i will definitely wont be able to use it because the validity is only like a week from my declared travel date.. Actually, I have gone through a very stressful visa application here.. (I guess, they are not familiar on the cases of nurses for meeting ahpra requirements)..
  4. by   jim1986
    I just wanted to ask whether you got back 1500 AUD that you paid to IHNA as enrollment fee??

    Quote from sabinenoelle
    Hi chelseaxyrene,

    I filed my application at AHPRA WA on my own. When I got my letter of eligibility, I went to IDP to request assistance in finding a school. I went to their office personally and they scheduled me for an appointment with one of the counselors. In order for them to talk to you, I think you need to be scheduled first - they don't appear to accept walk ins. Also, they need you to come in to their office so I don't think that an online application will suffice. They do everything for you for free - find a school, process your visa, help you look for accommodations and best-priced airline tickets. However, around the time I consulted IDP, the Habagat rains hit Manila. I had to reschedule my appointment several times. I realized that I didn't want to wait for IDP to help me with my application anymore. I went ahead and called La Trobe on my own and several other schools as well (including IHNA). I asked how to apply and sent several application forms to to schools. I got accepted by IHNA first and I reserved my slot by paying the 1500 AUD enrollment fee. A month later, La Trobe sent me an offer letter for the June intake and I accepted. My reasons for deserting my IHNA reservation: 1) My slot was in Perth and I didn't know anyone in Perth, 2) I was worried about their accreditation status 3) It took awhile for them to acknowledge receipt of my enrollment fee payment and I got worried. During this time, I made a lot of calls to IHNA and only an answering machine picked up on more than half my calls (I found this disconcerting). I think the payment of the enrollment fee was easier for other people and maybe the school just had so many applications at the time that they did not have time to pick up the phone. Anyway, I found that La Trobe responded quicker, was more thorough, and on the whole, seemed more professional. So I went with La Trobe. IDP does not help with applications to IHNA but they do help with applications to La Trobe and Deakin and UniSA (I think) as long as they are your agent. When I applied to La Trobe on my own, I indicated that I preferred that IDP be my education agent and they honored that. I called IDP and explained that I went ahead and applied on my own but that I indicated in my application that they were my agent, and now I am scheduled for an appointment with them to help me with my visa application.

    I apologize my reply to your post is long-winded but I hope it answered your question to your satisfaction.
  5. by   jim1986
    My email-

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    I am for December intake, do you have a contact number? or Email...please
  6. by   Eyem8791
    To marklouiemarco,Hi, you posted some days back that you plan to ask AG finance about their financial assistance offering? Were you able to and what did they say? I might need help with my tuition as well....
  7. by   jap_617

    imso happy to find someone who is for LA Trobe Uni. June 2013 intake coz i am too! it's a great relief in my part to know/meet a future classmate..

    Have you processed your visa already?

    Tnx for responding..
  8. by   jap_617

    Anyone here, aside from SABINOELLE, who are enrolled at La Trobe Univ., Bendigo for June 5, 2013?

    Hope for your replies guys..

    Tnx much!
  9. by   yourprincess
    hello guys. anyone here who knows the current standing of etea's accreditation to anmac for 2013 batches?
  10. by   belle_v2g
    Quote from yourprincess
    hello guys. anyone here who knows the current standing of etea's accreditation to anmac for 2013 batches?
    It is until nov.30,2012 at this moment. Don't be so worried about it. They will surely renew their accreditation status. This already happened before, ok?

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  11. by   periwinkleme
    hi @mindful1, you mentioned in previous threads re: "In-principle". can you lead me to the link where i can read the forumers who actually got exempted from BP because of NCLEX. I am very curious. Thank you. And where can you suggest I pass my application? NSW or VIC?
  12. by   dai_yari
    im planning to take the bridging course and do it by myself...( is it safer and easier compare to having an agency that is willing to lend you a certain amount of money and manage to find you a work after the course which is payable for two years, ofcourse with interest...WHAT DO YOU THINK?)

    AND may i know the time frame(maximum) if for example, i pass all the requirements to APHRA, then how long will it take before i receive their confirmation and when is the right time to find school?(or is it easy to find one?usually what particular months do schools open for intake?).

    sorry if i ask too much questions but i know that people here can help me...thanks for the reply...
  13. by   markmarkrn
    yeah but they won't accept applicants that are not from an agency like philman