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Hello everyone! I wanted to hear the stories of international grads who had the success of getting their ATT from different states. We know that some states are not as open as other states with... Read More

  1. by   Diel08
    By the way my sister's application was recieved August 20 and she received her approval august 28 then she got her att August 30.
  2. by   Maf200
    Thanks again! )
  3. by   Kuyafern
    Alright, do keep us posted. I'm also expecting my CES report within this month. I'm hoping it's this month. I'm anxious about the results and Nevada's response.

    Quote from Diel08
    I am expecting it this week my sister got hers last week an based on her experience it took her just a week. I turned in my application a week after she did because i have to wait till my ces report gets done it was done august 8 same as with my sister but then my ces report had a discrepancy with dates on the my graduation date so i have to make cgfns fix it because they made the mistake. So my ces report got done just the 22nd. So my application was received by Hawaii the 27th and so I am expecting my approval anytime this week
  4. by   Diel08
    Just got approved in Hawaii! I am now currently waiting for my att.
  5. by   Kuyafern
    Whoah. that's nice to hear. Do good on the NCLEX alright and start off your career!

    Quote from Diel08
    Just got approved in Hawaii! I am now currently waiting for my att.
  6. by   Diel08
  7. by   Maf200
    Wow! nice! All the best!
  8. by   steppybay
    Quote from Diel08
    Yeah I know someone in Hawaii so i will be moving there if i pass the nclex
    Kewl, you're half way there! Like you said, just pass the NCLEX and you're in the hospital as a new RN!

    Good luck!!
  9. by   Diel08
    Thank you MafManzon and steppybay
  10. by   Rose1210
    Hello there sorry for the late reply i was busy reviewing...i just took my Exam....i got a good pop up...but still waiting for the official result....Here is my story I am a out of state graduate i didnt have a local board because of my citiizenship.... I applied in Louisiana but i was denied by CGFNS for the Certification Program because i lack hours on my psych....after that i applied again California because they dont have any CGFNS requirement which is also a BIG mistake....And lastly i applied in Michigan state CGFNS CES took 6 weeks to be done... After another 6weeks i receive my that is my story....
  11. by   Kuyafern
    Thank you Rose for sharing your post! You have a great future ahead of you. Congratulations!
  12. by   Kuyafern
    Ok guys, I'm required to take the medical surgical in Nevada with clinicals and theory. I'm not sure of what I should feel but now I can move on with my application. I'm either applying to AK or MI since my family and friends are there and since I kinda made a plan in AK already. haha.

    Just like other applicants I was required to take Medsurg2 but not the physical assessment. I'm not sure of why I was required to take it but I'm guessing it was because my Long Term Care had a (-) on the hours and theories. I'm not sure if it was because of that, but I know that some students, unfortunately for me being one of them, are not exposed to ltc clinicals.

    Also if you do not have a license and did apply for the nclex within this year you are safe from the requirement. Just as long that your application was processed before 2013. Oh geez. Well back to filling up applications again.
  13. by   Niki_RN
    TX has no problem with least for now... For those looking for an alternative state.