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Hello everyone! Im a RN here in the Philippines. I'm planning to take NCLEX-RN test (state of CA). The thing is, i started my nursing studies in one school until 3rd year and then i transferred school and I eventually graduated... Read More

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    hi im a registered nurse in the phils I graduated year 2006..Im in US now and I received a letter from CA BRN that i need a complete record of my clinical cases. After submitting my OR/DR cases to the PRC I dont have a copy of it there any way that i can recover those documents?
    As you cruise thru the various topics in the international forum, you'll find that when the CA BON asks for more missing information or need more information, it's an almost quick denial of the application, I'd say about a 99% of being rejected due to the concurrency issues or lack of clinical hours.

    Do you personally know of any batchmates that graduated at the same exact month and year as you? And took the exact same classes as you? And received their ATT recently? This is more important of those batchmates that applied AFTER the April, 2010 deadline! I am referring to those applying after that time stands a very high chance of the application being denied, but did they get their ATT?

    Truly, you're better off applying into other states that are for the time being, not being so restrictive about the concurrency issues. There might be other states that are not so restrict about the OR/DR cases, but who knows. Search in the recent threads here and you'll find what other 12 states, besides CA is enforcing this decades old regulation (as far as the concurrency) and to avoid applying and wasting hundreds of dollars and months, if not close to a year, waiting for an answer.
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