1. Hi I applied to CGFNS for CES for NCLEX and licence, and not only do I have to get hours for my Nurse degree I have also been asked for my Access to nursing course as it is seen as prerequisite, Has anyone done this and does it really count? The cgfns would not tell me but am having to chase up my transcripts and hours from college, w course one which is a lot of work as well as doing the nurse degree one.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If it has been asked for you may have no choice but get it
  4. by   suzy12
    I just hope they count it after all the running about and expense to get it I did my access course the year before doing my nursing degree .. I even had a practise placement

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  5. by   dominiquerodriguez
    hi, what does cgfns means by my status stating "Transcrip/Nursing Form did not contain a Valid date." Thanks so much pleaasssseeeeeeee help me !!
  6. by   Amithelina
    Mine too status was same, stating transcript /form doesnot contain valid date..if u have an any idea please can you explain.
  7. by   hajini
    Did you get the answer? If so...please let me share.
    I've got the same thing that but I can't still figure out.
    And my school also confused what does that mean.
    Please email me or answer here if you got the answer. Thank you I appreciate.