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This is all about my journey as a Nurse in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since there are not much detailed posts and information when I looked over the internet, to help all of you out there I decided to make one. If you are... Read More

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    Quote from reenanova
    Hello Ma'am,

    I have read your post and I really thank you for this post. Ma'am, what is the minimum experience for you to work in Dubai? Is there also a minimum experience for you to be able to take the Prometric Exam? Could a 6-month experience be enough? I hope you can answer me. Thank you Ma'am and God bless you.
    reenanova, there are cases of some newly graduate Filipino nurses who got the job. There is actually no minimum experience required before you take the DHA exam for nurses, they will evaluate you and verify your credentials before they give you the go signal to take the exam. But because of a lot of nurses with qualified experiences, you might have to compete with them for the job. I suggest you gain more experience but it is completely up to you. If you really are keen and determined to go to Dubai then I bid well wishes for you.

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    Quote from findingnetto
    Good Day Sir,
    Can a 2 Year On Call Nurse in a Medical Clinic/Laboratory have a chance to take the exam? Thank You!
    findingnetto, Everyone has a shot in passing the exam. You just have to study and refresh your nursing knowledge. Of course you must be a registered nurse in the Philippines before you can take the exam.
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    Quote from tacomaster
    Is the Prometric Exam basically the NCLEX? Do you know how much an American nurse would make working in Dubai? I found a hospital there called the American Hospital of Dubai which is a mid-sized private hospital. If you can help answer any questions, please let me know. Thanks.
    tacomaster, Prometric is the counterpart of NCLEX in Dubai. I have no idea how much would be the salary of an American nurse but I bet it would be a good amount depending of course on the experience. I have some friends working in American Hospital Dubai and the benefits are good.
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    I appreciate the response. Do you work in Dubai now? If so, how are you liking it? Do you work a typical shift, 12 hours 3 times a week?
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    Quote from tacomaster
    I appreciate the response. Do you work in Dubai now? If so, how are you liking it? Do you work a typical shift, 12 hours 3 times a week?
    Not yet. Just submitted my documents a week ago. Hope to pass the credentialing process soon!
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    hello RNRouge!

    how much is the usual range of salary offered for Filipino nurses in Dubai?
    A friend told me that it is should not be lower than 5,000 Dirhams, though she's not absolutely sure.
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    Hi! Can you use a Debit card for paying the 210 aed for the credential verification? i attempted several times using my hsbc visa credit card and the status was always failure. Can you help me with the payment system of DHA? Tnx
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    In my experience the card that you will be using (either credit or debit card) must be issued by a bank in UAE.
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    Ok tnx, i hope they'd put it online the credit or debit cards allowed when paying thru their system. Its really annoying when all you got was a failure transaction, no reason at all.
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    Hello Sir/Madam RN Rouge...My self i am sreejith RN from India under the DHA Licence process, i did first payment 210 aed and submit primary assessment then i got a mail from DHA that "Kindly note that further failure to display the below will result in rejection of your application. 1. Valid Good Standing certificate from previous licensing authorities testifying good conduct and not charged with a criminal act covering the last six months." please help to clarify this message & suggest what i suppose to do for clear that trouble, i'm in confuse please..

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